Sunday, November 30, 2008


Thank you ESPN for bringing back bowling!

I'm not sure what I love watching better on ESPN - it's a tough call between spelling bees or bowling. (The hotdog eating contests aren't my thing).

People ask me why I like sports so much and it really all started when I was 2 years-old and my dad would tape bowling tournaments on TV and we'd watch them together. I loved it! Not much has changed.

Here are 10 reasons to love bowling on ESPN:

1. The uniforms haven't changed much since the 70's.

2. It's the only sport where you can legitimately watch a guy throw a perfect strike and think, "Ha, I've totally done that." How many times can you say that after a Lebron James dunk?

3. It's the only sport where the Champion has to bum a ride to the airport from his competitor. Seriously? No car service for Wes Malott? He's the Champion! He killed Kenny Simard in a grueling bloodfest on the lanes and now he has to bum a ride!!! This is blasphemy! (I'm not making this up either. Malott told the announcers Simard was giving him a ride. No joke.)

4. Commentary includes statements like, "One reason I like Feldman is that she says she loves Chinese food. Not enough people like Chinese food. Gotta get some P.F. Changs before a title game."

5. It is the only sport where a 200 lb woman can compete against a 120 lb woman. (nothing wrong with that but I'm just saying ...)

6. ESPN showed the championship live!

7. It's emotional. Michelle Feldman after winning: "I have no words for this right now. I have no words. It's an unbelievable feeling."

8. Unlike college football, the actual top two players face each other in the championship.
(The top 10 women bowled nine games of round-robin match play on Friday and the top two advanced to Sunday's live championship. On the men's side, the top 32 men bowled nine games of round-robin match play, then the top 16 play another nine games and the top four advanced to Sunday's final)

9. Bowling Championships give Bowl Games a run for "Best Named Game." Not sure what's better - "The CLR Carmen Salvino Scorpion Championship" or Bowl Games like the " Bowl." (So they got cleaner CLR to sponsor them but they couldn't they find a car service sponsor?)

10. The competitors take the game very seriously, which makes you question all those bowling alley birthday parties when you were a kid and your mom told you, "Hunny, it's just a game."