Friday, August 1, 2008


"Dude, I totally had to cut my hair! You better not be getting special treatment from Lord Torre."

In case you’ve been sleeping all day and haven’t heard, my buddy Manny Ramirez is coming to the Dodgers!!!

… and of course this happens just four days before I’ll be taking off to New York. Sad. Guess this means I won’t be getting any Salsa lessons.

I’m sure you’ve been oversaturated with talk on this whole Manny trade. Basically, the Dodgers get him for free. They lose nothing and gain one of the best hitters of our time. Did I say it's pretty much for free? They don’t have to pay a dime and as Ned Colletti said yesterday, they’re “renting him for two months, hopefully more.” (the "more" meaning they make it to the playoffs and beyond).

The problem the Dodgers now face is what to do with their outfielders. They already had one too many before and now they have two too many (Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, Juan Pierre, Andruw Jones and the newly aquired Manny). It’s laughable to think that Jones would stay in the lineup, they need Matt Kemp and in my meager opinion it’s really decided between Pierre and Ethier. Although Pierre is just too good … but then so is Ethier.


With Manny Ramirez arriving in Los Angeles today, there are still many loose ends to be tied up. Among them: What will happen to L.A.'s overstaffed outfield? How will the lineup shake out? Can Manny being Manny bring Dodger Blue out of the blues? And, most importantly, what's going to happen to Manny's free-flowing dreads?

Earlier this year, Joe Torre asked Joe Beimel to cut his long tresses, and the pitcher willingly obliged. But will Torre ask his latest addition to the roster to do the same?

To find out what Beimel had to say about the hair dilemma and for more on previous hair situations in baseball CLICK HERE for ESPN's The Mag Daily.