Monday, December 1, 2008


This why Anderson Cooper is one of my favorite anchors - from his impeccable reporting in New Orleans to taking off his clothes and challenging Michael Phelps to a swimming duel, its never boring. He can report on anything and it will be magic. Mark my words, if Anderson's on TV, I'll watch it.

Not sure what I like better, his Kenny Chesney interview or his recent Michael Phelps one. Andersonnnnn, you are my hero.

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Thank you ESPN for bringing back bowling!

I'm not sure what I love watching better on ESPN - it's a tough call between spelling bees or bowling. (The hotdog eating contests aren't my thing).

People ask me why I like sports so much and it really all started when I was 2 years-old and my dad would tape bowling tournaments on TV and we'd watch them together. I loved it! Not much has changed.

Here are 10 reasons to love bowling on ESPN:

1. The uniforms haven't changed much since the 70's.

2. It's the only sport where you can legitimately watch a guy throw a perfect strike and think, "Ha, I've totally done that." How many times can you say that after a Lebron James dunk?

3. It's the only sport where the Champion has to bum a ride to the airport from his competitor. Seriously? No car service for Wes Malott? He's the Champion! He killed Kenny Simard in a grueling bloodfest on the lanes and now he has to bum a ride!!! This is blasphemy! (I'm not making this up either. Malott told the announcers Simard was giving him a ride. No joke.)

4. Commentary includes statements like, "One reason I like Feldman is that she says she loves Chinese food. Not enough people like Chinese food. Gotta get some P.F. Changs before a title game."

5. It is the only sport where a 200 lb woman can compete against a 120 lb woman. (nothing wrong with that but I'm just saying ...)

6. ESPN showed the championship live!

7. It's emotional. Michelle Feldman after winning: "I have no words for this right now. I have no words. It's an unbelievable feeling."

8. Unlike college football, the actual top two players face each other in the championship.
(The top 10 women bowled nine games of round-robin match play on Friday and the top two advanced to Sunday's live championship. On the men's side, the top 32 men bowled nine games of round-robin match play, then the top 16 play another nine games and the top four advanced to Sunday's final)

9. Bowling Championships give Bowl Games a run for "Best Named Game." Not sure what's better - "The CLR Carmen Salvino Scorpion Championship" or Bowl Games like the " Bowl." (So they got cleaner CLR to sponsor them but they couldn't they find a car service sponsor?)

10. The competitors take the game very seriously, which makes you question all those bowling alley birthday parties when you were a kid and your mom told you, "Hunny, it's just a game."

Friday, November 28, 2008


... You do what you got to do to get by. This is when you know your life's gone down the toilet (no pun intended).

In Times Square the other night I ran into this guy who was dressed as a toilet. I have to give this guy props for having some fun with his job. He actually seemed to being enjoying it, which goes to show attitude is all in your head.

However, I'm not so sure many people could have such a positive outlook as The Toilet Man. Watching him made me realize I will never, ever complain about my job (not that I do because I love my job). You know that saying "it could always be worse." Well for those stuck in cubicles or those who've lost their jobs, just remember, you could always be dressed as a toilet.

Advertising in New York city can be difficult especially with the 17-foot advertising posters and bright lights, so the genius people at Charmin decided to open up free restrooms in the middle of Times Square. Usually Starbucks is the only place a person in search of a restroom can find a clean and usable toilet that an establishment will let you use. But that is no longer true. Thank you to the genius people at Charmin who decided to hire Toilet Man to stand out front on the streets of Times Square in the freezing cold and yell, "Party over here! Free restrooms!!! Party time at Charmin!"

Only in New York ...

Sunday, November 23, 2008


It's been awhile since I've talked about my old friend and favorite Lakers player, Sasha Vujacic, but then I came across this hilarious video about him via the and it brought back all of my memories of pre-game locker room convos, discussions of headbands and Sasha songs.

Although I am no longer in Los Angeles covering my beloved Lakers, I highly recommend going to my favorite Lakers Insider, Beto Duran's Lakers Blog here. He also appreciates the amazingness that is Sasha Vujacic.

You might have heard me talk about my buddy Sasha here, or here, or here, or here, or here, or here, or here ... you get the point. Anyways, this video is hilarious.


"The Heisman trophy race is more confusing than Lindsay Lohan's personal life."
-Rece Davis on ESPN's College Football Final

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Subway just signed Michael Phelps to a big exclusive promotions deal. Although Subway loves to claim they are not in the "fast food" category, the deal prohibits Phelps from signing deals with other fast food. Are you admitting you are fast food Subway? Don't lie!!!

The endorsement king's Olympic fame has fizzled yet. In fact, it's far from over. Michael also promotes Kellogg, Visa, Speedo and Rosetta Stone. He was already making $5 million a year in endorsements before Beijing, and people estimated his endorsements this year could reach over $50 million.

Phelps was named one of People Mag's "Sexiest Men Alive" this week, he made Barbara Walters prestigious "10 Most Fascinating People" list (airs Dec. 4), and he is on a steamy new cover of GQ for their "Men of The Year" issue. In keeping up with the trend, I'm naming him "The Man On The Most Lists Of The Year." Congrats.

I interviewed the eight medal winning sexy swimming star at the Golden Goggle Awards last week. Check out my interview with Phelps where he talks about his crush on Megan Fox and his love of her GQ cover. Which cover do you prefer?


Last night I was at a celebrity charity poker tournament where they auctioned off a trip to space.

I'm not kidding.

It went for just under half a million dollars to two gazillionares who both get to go ... and to think I was upset about losing $400 in poker. It still hurts. Seriously though, I felt like I was in the movie Back To The Future.

Questions - How can we not figure out the BCS? How can we not figure out how warm up my apartment? How can we not figure out public transportation in L.A.? ... But we can auction off trips to space? Really?!?

The poker was for the Sunflower Children Charity, which was created by the gorgeous model and humanitarian Helena Houdova. The charity helps provide survival and development care for the forgotten children of the world.

The event was held at Gotham Hall in NYC was MC'd by my buddy, 2006 World Series of Poker Winner, Jamie Gold, who I met a few years ago at the Sundance Film Festival, at a poker tournament where I made it to the final table (beginners luck, which I no longer have).

I was so nervous before the tournament that I made sure to brush up on my poker skills, re-read one of my poker books and called up my little bro who gave me a 45 minute crash course of tips. My brother is amazing. He won $3,600 last night in an online tournament. He's the real deal.

Then, when I got to the tournament Jamie said, "This is not a tournament of skill, this is a tournament of survival." Shit. It messes me up playing with a bunch of people who don't know poker and needless to say, I lost $400. It went to a good cause though I suppose.

But lets be honest, in comparison to the million dollars they got from the silent auction, did they really need 1/3 of my rent money?


Things you might have missed from my week:

-I was de-invited from a date this week. A guy asked me out, I said yes, and then he changed his mind an hour later and said he had plans ... Another unnamed guy professed his three-year crush for me saying he's liked me since the day we met. Really? Well why didn't you just say so? However, I fear, that time has passed. All in all, not sure what I'm looking for, but as Michael Phelps advised, "no baggage."

-I went to work with my shirt inside out and didn't notice until 2:30pm while I was in a screening for the new Britney Spears documentary, which I must say is rather emotional and revealing. It airs on MTV Nov. 30. I forgot to change my shirt following the screening so I went another two hours with it inside out until I realized all my co-workers were staring at me. Of course, I was wearing my cheap Forever 21 sweater to make matters worse. In Brit's documentary she talks about her breakup with Justin, K-Fed and dealing with the crazy paparazzi (all of whom I sadly recognized in the doc while they chased her).

-I went to the Duke basketball game at Madison Square Garden on Thursday and felt really old when I realized all the college players looked a lot scrawnier and younger than I remembered college guys being.

-I met the guy who the movie 21 was based off of. His name is Jeff Ma and he's played by Jim Sturgess in the movie, who looks nothing like him (Jeff is Asian, for one thing). If I haven't mentioned before, Jim Sturgess is my celebrity crush and I am obsessed with the movie 21. Meeting Jeff Ma made my night. He is super cool, a sports fan and, of course, ridiculously smart.

-I stupidly decided to go to a book signing for celeb chef Mario Batali instead of a Beyonce interview. First off, I am an awful cook so I wasn't even going for the book, but I thought he would be a more interesting interview than Sasha Fierce. I am not a Beyonce fan, sorry. Unfortunately though, I am no longer a Batali fan after his asshole handlers made me wait an hour and a half only to tell me that Mario had to run out after the signing and wouldn't be available for a 3 minute interview. What?! Seriously? You won't give me 3 minutes! Michael Phelps gave me 3 minutes and he wasn't even promoting anything! Mario was chatting up all the people who bought his stupid book and taking his sweet time. Didn't appear to be in a rush to me. My time, however, is precious.

-My apartment is a refrigerator. The heat won't work. They've tried to fix it three different times already. So I spend most of the night in my over-sized Barry Zito sweatshirt, some pink granny slippers and a blanket in the fetal position. However, this beats living in the sauna my apartment turns into in the summer. Oh, New York.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


And to think I thought that moving to New York, I would stop seeing celebrities at basketball games. Last week I met Michael Jordan and then tonight I ran into my buddy Shaun White!

This was an even bigger surprise than the time I ran into him at the airport. The Olympic snowboarder and X-Game medalist was sitting front row at the game. I chatted for a bit with Shaun at half time and caught up on our old days at the X-Games and causing trouble at the Standard in L.A. Shaun was originally supposed to be sitting next Brett Favre but Brett was a no-show. He did however get to sit next to Kerry Rhodes. Shaun’s in NYC until Sunday promoting his new video game.

During the game they showed the clip from the Jets amazing win Thursday night and Kerry Rhodes stood up and waved to the crowd who went wild. Even Nate Robinson pointed at him and gave a nod.

Nate is being mic’d tonight for the first time for television. Coach Mike D'Antoni gave the TV crew the okay (what doesn't he say no to though with the media? He's a full access kinda guy) and Nate got taped up with a tiny mic underneath his jersey. It's so reality show-ish... but kinda cool. Speaking of which, I don’t know why reality show mics can’t be that discreet.

Knicks beat Oklahoma City 116-106, barely. The Thunder were seriously making a run for it at the end. The Thunder are the former Seattle Sonics before they moved to Oklahoma City. In the deal the Sonics were allowed the keep their name in case they ever wanted to build a franchise again. I still haven't gotten used to the name Thunder though ... at least it's better than the Yard Dawgs. I've already expressed my feeling about that.

I've actually started to really enjoy Knicks games. Dare I admit I am that much of a New Yorker? However, they seriously need some energy in the fourth quarter. Every single game they give away the lead. I don't get it. It's like how I was running the 800 in high school track. Huge lead until I burnt out at the end. Thank god I decided to be a writer.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Picture snapped by yours truly, Laura Lane.

Justin Timberlake said yesterday at an event I was at that he's moving to New York. He really needs to stop following me everywhere.

JT noted that he liked the weather here in the Big Apple. Hmmm ... is there some unknown city in Cali named New York? I'm confused. Because I just moved from Cali three months ago, and while I am in love with the city, the weather absolutely sucks. And supposedly I haven't seen anything yet.

Maybe he never gets cold because he's so sizzlin' hot ... okay, okay I promise never to attempt at lame jokes again. Welcome to NYC JT.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


"Hey man, maybe you shouldn't play with so many fingers messed up."

The Jets beat the Patriots 34-31 in overtime to claim first place in the AFC East. It's a sad night in New England. However, those Jets need to re-fuel instead of de-fuel at the half. They almost gave up the game despite having a huge lead, again. Well, a "W" is a "W." So smile on New York, smile on.


If you haven't seen the cutest baby in the entire world, here is Isaac McHale on Keith Olbermann's show with his dad, Joel McHale. His brother Eddie is just as adorable. This is the best video I have seen in a long, long time.

They should have all news anchors hold babies while they read the news. Ratings jump guaranteed.


Three years ago I read a book called The Game, by Neil Strauss. It's about an underground society of pickup artists. Neil Strauss was a writer for the New York Times and was asked to write an article about these guys who taught other men how to pickup women through various techniques. Instead, Neil travels around the world meeting the best pickup artists and learning various techniques until he becomes the best pickup artist in the world. It's a true story.

I read the book because a guy I was dating in L.A. had mentioned reading it and I was curious to find out if he'd been using these techniques on me. It became my favorite book, which is the last book you'd think a girl would like, especially because these guys are manipulative and deceiving. But on a larger level the book is really a fascinating sociology experiment and a lesson in human nature.

Hence, my favorite quote:

"Usually, what you wish for doesn't fall in your lap; it falls somewhere nearby, and you have to recognize it, stand up, and put in the time and work it takes to get it. This isn't because the universe is cruel. It's because the universe is smart. It has its own cat-string theory and knows we don't appreciate things that fall into our laps."
-The Game, by Neil Strauss

You might be familiar with the Pickup Artist reality show. Well it turns out Mystery (a main character from the novel) and Matador (from the reality show) are in New York. And I get to meet them this week! It's like my book coming to life!

When I was college, I met a guy at a party and within five seconds of speaking with him, I knew he was a pickup artist and had read The Game. All he did was shake my hand and say, "You have an interesting handshake." Not everyone that says this is a pickup artist and I don't even think that line was in the book, but I'm telling you, I just knew it. After a couple minutes I smiled and asked if he had read The Game. He was shocked and said I was the first girl to ever call him out. It was a very proud moment for myself.

For all you pickup artist fans, Mystery is signing copies of The Mystery Method today at Borders Books in Penn Plaza, New York at 7pm.

And for all you women out there, beware. The pickup artists are in the city ...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


“Most people are proud of where they're born. In New York, they're proud of where they live.”
-Ricky Gervais

PS. If you ever told me I’d be quoting Ricky Gervais (let alone a quote he said to Cindy Adams!) I would have told you you’re nuts. But it’s rather moving.


I’m so sick of this “what if” talk when it comes to James Bond.

James Bond was going to have a kid in the new movie.

James Bond should be black in the next movie.

Just leave Bond alone! It’s worked for over 50 years and I don’t think Ian Fleming would appreciate you ruining his fictional masterpiece.

P.S. I get to go to the James Bond premiere in New York tonight so I’ll get the dish! Sweet!

P.P.S. For all you super James Bond fans in NYC, Sir Roger Moore, also known as James Bond and the Saint will be signing copies of My Word Is My Bond on Friday 11/14/08 at 6:30pm at Borders Books (Second Avenue. Manhattan, NY).

Monday, November 10, 2008


Anyways – according to the New York Times, Barack Obama is the new hip, hot, trendy, cool, all the rage, popular, baby name! Apparently, there were a few people who actually gave birth as he won and decided it was destined that their kid be named Barack Obama.

Shhh – don’t tell them that a baby is born ever 4.2 seconds in the world. Let it be destiny.

This isn’t anything revolutionary that a name becomes common after a popular figure emerges, but up until the election I had never heard of someone named Barack. Michelle, Malia and Sasha have also gained popularity. I'm all for unique names that are also easy to spell!

For fun, here are the top ten most popular names of last year and the most popular 23 years ago (when I was born). In 1985 Laura was the 14th most popular name. If I was a boy, my parents were planning to name me Ryan (12th), which I personally think would have been a hot name for a girl anyways.

Top 10 Names for 2007
Male name Female name
1 Jacob --- Emily
2 Michael --- Isabella
3 Ethan --- Emma
4 Joshua --- Ava
5 Daniel --- Madison
6 Christopher --- Sophia
7 Anthony --- Olivia
8 William --- Abigail
9 Matthew ---Hannah
10 Andrew --- Elizabeth

Top 10 Names for 1985
Male name Female name
1 Michael --- Jessica
2 Christopher --- Ashley
3 Matthew ---Jennifer
4 Joshua --- Amanda
5 Daniel --- Sarah
6 David --- Stephanie
7 James --- Nicole
8 Robert --- Heather
9 John --- Elizabeth
10 Joseph --- Megan


Is this picture I took in SoHo a Banksy or not?

He's not so underground anymore, but he's still underground enough where you and only one other person at a dinner table might know who he is. And that makes you feel cool.

I am, of course, talking about the great Banksy. An artist I first learned of back in L.A. by a DJ I was dating from London who shared my love of graffiti art. Bansky is a mysterious British street artist who has turned his mischievous street graffiti into a multi-million dollar art career (Brad Pitt is a huge fan). No one knows who Bansky actually is. As Wikipedia puts it best in the oxymoron description of him, he is "a well-known pseudo-anonymous British graffiti artist."

His work, which by some is considered vandalism, can be meaningful or meaningless, political or politically incorrect and it aways undoubtedly sparks curiousity and wonder.

Banksy currently has an exhibit in town called the Pet Shop, which has the weirdest mechanical animals and things in the world - chicken nuggets eating their sauce in a chicken pen, monkeys watching money porn and random other mysterious creatures. The people who work there swore to me they've never met Banksy and say the place was already set up when they were hired.

Once rumors swirled that Banksy was in town, mysterious Banksy work suddenly started to appear all around NYC. And I became curious to find them.

I am 99.9% positive there is a Banksy (there have been known to be fakes) over an advertisement on Houston street of a huge rat holding a paint brush as if he is painting his own picture down my where I play soccer. I forget my camera every time I'm over there, but I will take a picture.

Then the other day as I walking down in SoHo, I suddenly realized that this painting might too be a Banksy. It looks just like one, has some sort of weird meaning that I don't quite get right away and is purposefully placed (I assume) behind barbed wire. Which begs the question, is this or is this not a Banksy??? (picture at top of blog post)

Not sure if these are truly Banksy quotes, but if they are, I'm obsessed:

"People say graffiti is ugly, irresponsible and childish... but that's only if it's done properly."


"Think outside the box, collapse the box, and take a fucking sharp knife to it."


Sunday, November 9, 2008


And when I say "He" I mean Brett Favre, and when I say "It," I'm talking skills like a tractor truck that ran over the St. Louis Rams on Sunday. It was a 47-3 beating. Ouch!

My favorite part of the game was when the crowd booed after the Rams scored the 3-point field goal - when New York already had 40 points on the board!!! Guess they were hoping for a shutout. I got to talk to Brett after the game for a minute and he was definitely more upbeat than the last home game against the Chiefs where they barely squeezed out a win.

Winning = Happy players = Good interviews = Happy editors.

Here's some gems from a message board I was checking out during the game:

redscapswizfan: damn is this a college game lol!!! jets are kicking some butt

nxbombers111: Clemens is going to play I bet.

YankeesJets2375: Clemens? Roger Clemens could beat these Rams. Without HGH too. How did we lose to the Raiders? What a crazy season.

YankeesJets2375: Mangini, is letting his inner Belichick come out, I dont like it.

This Thursday the Jets play the Patriots in New England who they are currently tied with in the AFC East 6-3.


"I love your hat! You look absolutely fabulous in it - but dahhhling, it's winter!"

- Some douche bag guy at NYC hotspot Rose Bar Friday night to me.

I think I was so taken back I actually said, "thanks." Five minutes later a guy with his entourage walks into the lounge wearing the same "winter" hat. Ha! I'm not the only person who thinks - knows- they're still stylish. If I was mean I would have said something along the lines of, "Thank you for your style tips but from the looks of it you aren't someone who should be giving them. If you had any fashion sense at all I might actually be offended, but you don't, so I won't waste any more of my time. Have a fabulous night." But unfortunately that would only lower me to the level of "douche." Hence, my evil alter ego can't have it's way... nor does my evil alter ego think of things to say on the spot.


There is a huge difference between the L.A. and NYC celebrity soiree scene, which I realized at the Juicy Couture store opening on 5th Avenue the other night.

As I breezed past the glamorous Juicy Couture designers Pamlea Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor and headed upstairs during the extravagant bash, I thought, this would never happen in L.A.! In Hollywood, nearly ever A-list event has a V.I.P. area which always ends up becoming over crowded and messy. People feel left out, people that should be in there aren't and people that shouldn't get in find a way. It's never good.

In New York, while celebrities will usually have booths or tables at clubs, at the upscale cocktail parties, socialites, musicians, celebrities and us normal folk mix and mingle among the masses. Granted, not just anyone can get in the party.

Extravagant, is an understatement for this bash. Balloons flooded the ceiling, ballerinas were dancing in tutus throughout the store, there were violin players, hundreds of cupcakes and 5-tiered cakes, appetizers, champagne and at least 30 young guys dressed in top hats, suit jackets and boots over jeans holding umbrellas lined up along the red carpet in place of a gate. It was magnificent.

As I politely asked Blake Lively and boyfriend Penn Badgley if I could sneak by them, scooted past Sarah Michelle Gellar, passed by Sarah Silverman, Emma Roberts, Jason Lewis and Jessica Szohr, chatted up Molly Sims on the carpet and was just feet away from Martha Stewart who popped by for a quick photo op with the Juicy girls to show her support ("She's our idol!" one gushed. "Juicy loves Martha!" shreaked the other. "Martha loves Juicy!" Martha smiled back before whispering, "Your store is very cute."), I realized, this is how it should be. Equals. Granted none of us really are the same. The socialites have more money than the celebs, the celebs have more fame than the socialites, the musicians have the real talent, and we journalists, document it all.

Thus, we are all individually important. While in Los Angeles, the "Let them eat cake" mentality exists, in New York, everyone secretly knows they need each other. Thus, we all ate the cake - and cupcakes.