Monday, June 30, 2008


It's absolutely body-numbing-shock to go from RIDICULOUS (yet utterly amazing) days like these, where I got like four hours of sleep and worked non-stop to go to an entire month of vaca (despite some baseball games, working on a book (maybe), sorting out my life, etc). My life has gotten so dull these past few days that my best friend Nicole brought me some books on tape (they're actually CD's but apparently still called books on tape for some unexplainable reason). Here's my excitement for the day:

  • 7:30am-9:30am: (don't ask why I was awake, couldn't tell ya) Listened to the Colin Cowherd show on ESPN 710.
  • 11- 12am: Cleaned my apartment and threw away the dead plants I forgot to feed (sorry, roomie who's away in Rome) while watching the Best of Mike and Mike on ESPN.
  • 12-2pm: Drove home to the OC and ate Arbys (do they have that in NY?)
  • 2-4pm: Hung out with my lil sis and bro, while he played online poker (he went to a casino last night and spent $300 and walked away with $3,800 playing poker. WTF?!?! Not fair.)
  • 4-6pm: Read some articles online, finally responded to a few emails, helped the family cook some BBQ (I was in charge of the beans, which I somehow managed to screw up).
  • 6-7pm: Ate BBQ with the fam (including the beans I somehow managed to screw up)
  • 8-9pm: Booked my plane ticket to New York using credit from an unused flight to Ft. Lauderdale for spring break. I still have $55 credit! Whoo hoo! Yay for plane credit and yay for moving to NY! It's for real now!
  • 9-whenever: I'll probably read (maybe) one of the 10 books I brought home and have been attempting for the last four days to read, waste some time staring at my ceiling, maybe do some of the things on my "To Do List", perhaps listen to some books on tape and then go to sleep and start my uneventful life over. I'll also have to listen to my little sister talk for five hours on the phone about her dramatic breakup with her boyfriend of 3 1/2 weeks. She's heartbroken apparently. Not to be insensitive, but ... (okay, maybe I'm just jealous she can hold a longer relationship than me. And no, weeks was not a mistype.).
There is a reason I keep myself ridiculously busy with work. I like it. I like to work. There. I admitted it. I think I've caught up on enough sleep to last me the next year. A four day vaca was enough. How will I honestly last four weeks??? On the bright side, I'll have a killer tan.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


I love soccer. I played in high school. But soccer needs to seriously go through some reinvention, a'la hockey style, and figure out a way to score more points. Anyways, in a very close game (but aren't they all close?) Spain beat Germany 1-0 in the Euro 2008 Finals. Congrats Spain! Let the celebration begin! As I've said before, fan support is incredibly important and we all know the Spanish have fantastic pride. It was probably the fan support that helped Spain secure the win. They don't do it like this in Germany (or L.A. for that matter - can the Lakers borrow these guys next year, btw?).

Friday, June 27, 2008


The real showdown at the Olympics this year comes down to two main competitors: Nike vs. Adidas.

You have to hand it to They've totally reinvented their image and the content on their site to appeal to a more youthful audience. This is why I started subscribing to their newsletters six months ago. For all of you who have yet to notice the Forbes reinvention, you may have missed today's awesome article: "Sneaker Wars! The Olympics: It's All About The Shoes."

Cause, seriously, isn't it always about the shoes anyways? If you thought Sarah Jessica Parker was obsessed with shoes in Sex In The City, then you haven't spent much time around athletes or the male population in general (see: Turtle on Entourage), which is why this article is genius.

The real question is: What shoe do you prefer?

Here's a preview of the story or for the full version click here:

The Sneaker Wars
The Olympics: It's All About The Shoes

By: Tom Van Riper

Athletes competing at this summer's Olympics are fighting for a trip to the medal stand. For Nike and Adidas, the Beijing games are a brawl for 21st century dominance of the sneaker world.

While every Olympics is a dogfight for the longtime rivals, this year's games are a bigger deal. Beijing's the doorway into a vast new market. There are 2.6 billion feet in China, most of them without sneakers. Both companies expect the country to be its second-largest market, after the U.S., within a few years. "It's the ultimate land grab," says Swangard. "There's been no other Olympic year in this kind of growing market."

For Adidas (other-otc: ADDDY.PK - news - people ), it's especially important. After an ill-fated 2005 deal for Reebok failed to juice Adidas' results, the three stripes finds itself increasingly marginalized by the swoosh. Adidas sees this summer's Beijing Olympics as a way to make up ground.


But while referees and staff will be running around Beijing in their Adidas, the bulk of the athletes getting attention will be competing in their Nike gear--and getting most of the air time, both live during the games and in all the follow-up photos and video to be viewed for years to come.

As Smit puts it: "A high jumper will have a Nike shirt on while jumping, then an Adidas shirt when receiving a medal on the stand. Which would you rather have?"


I've been waiting all week for someone to put this clip on You-tube of Kevin Garnett from the Finals and Joel McHale (the best TV host/person ever) making fun of him on the Soup. The Soup remains my favorite show on television.

Did someone just say soda-mamma-turkey-baster AND Hasselhoff? Oh, life doesn't get much better. No, no it doesn't.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Hello Kira Plastinina to Party Girl Radio!

We welcomed the Russian billionaire socialite (center), new "It Girl," 16-year-old entrepreneur and fashion designer to our radio show. She threw an amazing Sweet Sixteen party where Chris Brown performed and she debuted her fashion line. She already has 40 stores overseas and she recently opened stores in New York and California. All I know is that I certainly hadn't accomplished this much when I was sixteen. Must be nice. Watch out for Kira America! She's hot, sweet and ready to take over!

Check out our new show here!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Today my work bestie and Party Girl Cristina Gibson and I moved into the big radio studio at E! Entertainment because we had a guest on our show today, the new "It Girl" Kira Plastinina, who has recently moved to Malibu for the summer with her billionaire dad. Just as we were starting our show we saw Brody Jenner and his best friend Frankie walk by the studio and wave. They must have just stopped in at E! for a meeting. Oh, days like these will make me miss Cali and especially miss co-hosting the radio show with Cristina. Love ya, mean it, muah!

Check out the past radio shows here.


Just a day after the Dodgers received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the stars came out to Dodger Stadium for the 50th annual Hollywood Stars Game on Saturday. The celebrity softball game followed the Dodgers 7-2 loss to the Cleveland Indians, but by the time honorary captains Dodgers catcher Russell Martin and first baseman James Loney returned to the field, they were back in game mode.

The strategy is simple. “Score more runs than the other team,” Loney says.

“You just have to try to look good,” says David Arquette who insists he hasn’t played baseball since playing in the Hollywood Stars game two years ago. “I mean it’s really shallow. You always do look bad. It’s ridiculous. I’ve already embarrassed myself several times.”

Martin and former MLB player and Dodger broadcaster Steve Lyons coached the Blue team that included Arquette, James Van Der Beek, Jon Lovitz, Tom Arnold and Cristian de la Fuente. Loney and former Dodger third baseman Ron Cey coached the White team that included James Denton, Adam Carolla, Kendra Wilkinson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Carlos Mencia.

The rules are a bit different: six innings, no practice, bendable rules and utter chaos.

“They just cheated right now!” says Loney after Dodger’s second baseman Delwyn Young sneaks in the lineup and scores a homerun to put the only point on the board for Martin’s Blue team who is down 3-1. “I might have to step in there.”

“That’s what I do,” Young says. “I pinch hit!”

“Who’s this guy?” asks Arquette when Young returns from the mound after his homerun. “Is he a real player?”

After being informed that Young is in fact a “real” Dodgers player, Arquette, a self-proclaimed Dodger fan, is a bit embarrassed. “Oh, I should know that,” he says. “The Dodgers change their players so often I can’t even keep track. But that makes it a lot easier when they’re actually professional baseball players.”

Dodger pitcher Joe Beimel has also come over to check on Martin’s team but won’t be getting in the game anytime soon.

“Not a chance,” Beimel says eyeing the softball. “That ball is too big to be throwing around.”

There’s an abundance of water and towels around to help cool off the celebs from the sweltering temperature well-over 100 degrees.

“I can’t believe anybody wants to sit out here and watch the game,” Arnold says. “It’s so freaking hot. Most of the crowd is my ex-wives and they want checks.”

Lovitz, a fourth-row Dodgers season ticket holder, is a veteran of the celeb game. While he has yet to score a run for his Blue squad, he’s fine with bragging about his game-winning success in the past.

“I think the fence is farther away this year,” Lovitz says. “Two years ago I hit two homeruns but it seems a lot farther away.”

Former Dancing With the Stars contestant de la Fuente, used only one arm to hit an RBI single for the Blue team in the bottom of the 6th to bring the score to 3-2. De la Fuente played in the game despite receiving strict orders from his doctor, who also happens to be a doctor for the Dodgers, not to play since he is still recovering from surgery.

“He said I shouldn’t bat or I shouldn’t catch but he didn’t say with one arm,” says de la Fuente who injured his arm on the show and is still wearing an arm brace. “After Dancing With the Stars I had to learn how to do everything with one arm. I got to the finals with one arm and then I was here and I was like, why is an injury going to limit me? Not even an arm, nothing should limit you ever.”

While his run wasn’t enough for his team to win, de la Fuente didn’t mind.

“It was worth it to hit a ball here,” he says.

Abdul-Jabbar went 0-2 in the game but claims he used to be a much better player.

“I probably could have pitched,” Abdul-Jabbar says. “I could throw it pretty hard. I just didn’t stick with it. Basketball came a lot easier.”

“He’s a monster,” says Arnold about his 7-2 opponent on the White Team. “He’s like a praying mantis so he has to bend over and he tends to bobble the ball a little bit. I was trying to hit it to him and I screwed up and he got it.”

The NBA hall-of-famer’s defense helped the White team secure a 5-2 win over the Blue team, but Abdul-Jabbar insists he wasn’t the best player.

“Kendra,” says Abdul-Jabbar, referring to Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend Wilkinson of Girls Next Door fame. “She surprised us all!”

“I played my hardest,” says Wilkinson who plays every Tuesday on a rec team in L.A. “I could play any position. I’m so fast and I try every position. I’m very competitive. I love to have fun but I don’t like to lose.”

“Are you surprised you hit the ball at all?” Lovitz says to Wilkinson at the end of the game, clearly bitter about the Blue team’s loss to the Playmate.

“Are you surprised that you, uh fouled out?” Wilkinson says.

“Are you surprised your hooters didn’t get in the way of your swing?” Lovitz counters.

“Well obviously they helped,” Wilkinson replies. “They’re extra muscle.”

Whatever it was that helped the White team win, Loney was happy to walk away with at least one win for the day.

“It was a team effort,” says Loney who was satisfied with his team’s ten hits and five runs. “I’m 1-0 now so I might have to start my managing career later on.”


Beau: So I was talking to this girl and really putting in lots of work -

Laura: Wait. When you say you were "putting in lots of work" what does that entail?

Beau: You know, talking to her and stuff.

Laura: Talking to her?!

Beau: Yeah. About herself.

Laura: That's not work?! If you only knew what we consider "work."

Monday, June 23, 2008


RULE 102: Never admit you think more into things than a girl.

I had gone out on a few dates with a guy senior year. I wasn't totally into him anyways, but he seemed like a good guy so I was trying to give things a chance until ...

We were driving in the car after what I thought was a nice dinner date by the beach and he says to me:

"You're not wearing earrings today."

"Um, yeah," I say. "I know."

There was an awkward silence and finally the guy explodes.

"Do you not like me? Where do you want this to go? You're sending me mixed signals!"

I'm a little thrown off and I tend to stumble in situations such as these.

"Um, we've been on like three dates," I say. "Can't we just play it by ear?"

Then he confesses.

"You wore earrings on our last date but tonight you're not wearing earrings," he says. "So I thought that meant you didn't like me because you didn't try."


"Okay," I say taking a deep breath. "The reason I'm not wearing earrings is because I'm wearing a necklace instead and it wouldn't match ... I don't always wear earrings."

The guy looked a bit relieved, but I on the other hand, was not.

Needless to say, I never went out with him again. We had a poli sci class together, which caused some awkward moments, but none more awkward than that car ride home. He never understood why I didn't want to go out with him again. I wonder what "deeper meaning" he took from when I wore a pony tail to class. I mean, seriously. Earrings?!


If you're a resident of Los Angeles, perhaps you've already seen the amazing Joe Torre State Farm commercial where he drinks wheat grass, does yoga and surfs (okay, more like boogie boards). I'm a big fan of Joe Torre and a big fan of the commercial. I caught up with Torre this weekend at the Dodgers induction to the Walk of Fame where we chatted about Hollywood and his new commercial. Watch it below!

Laura: This has to be pretty cool; they certainly don’t have things like this in New York.

Joe Torre: We have Broadway in New York but Hollywood is something else. To put a star on the Walk of Fame is pretty special. I don’t care at what age you come here you’re still going to walk down the street and see someone that you’ve admired for years. To have the Dodgers star here and to be a part of the Dodgers organization is pretty special.

Who are some of your favorite celebrities that have stars on the Walk of Fame?

Well Billy Crystal is a dear friend now and Milton Burrow, he was probably the guy that got me connected to the Dodgers as a fan when I came here back in the early 60s when I was playing with the Braves. He was a huge Dodger fan. At that time I met Dorris Day and he introduced me to Edward G. Robinson and George Raft. I met Cary Grant at Dodger stadium during the World Series in 1981. These are people I admired on the silver screen for along time and to realize how big of baseball fans they were made you feel even better.

You’re a TV star too now. I was watching your commercial the other day with you surfing.

Yeah I was really on the water but I wasn’t very comfortable. I was happy to do that. It was a great commercial because it really showed the transition that you make when you come out here to L.A.

From stars on the Walk of Fame to L.A. commercials, you’re an official Hollywood celebrity.

Well I have a friend whose name is Tommy Lasorda too. The next celebration I would certainly like to be to celebrate the Dodgers championship.

Have you been working on your surfing skills in the meantime?

No chance. State Farm got me to do that and I’m glad I did that because I’ve had a very positive reaction to it and it was fun doing it.


What more do I need to say? I interviewed Teddy Geiger! I'm a huge fan of his music (and his hair). Just a few weeks ago I wrote a post to all graduates of 2008, telling them to be strong and if they have any doubts, they should listen to a song called "These Walls" by Teddy Geiger. The song literally got me through graduation and the post-graduate-real-world-uncertainty after college. It changed my life.

It's kind of hilarious how obsessed I am over this song since it's sung by a 19-year-old kid who has less life experience than myself, but perhaps it is that youthful approach to life and looking at the world with open eyes that makes young people have moments of great understanding.

I recently met Teddy Geiger unexpectedly. Needless to say, I had a lot of questions for this kid who wrote a song I've listened to a million times. Teddy, thank you. And please, keep writing.

What are you working on now?

Well I just released 33 songs and out of those 33, fans can pick their favorite 11 and they will end up on my album.

That’s the coolest idea ever. What made you decide to do this?

We had a lot of material recorded and we were sorting through and trying to pick the 11 ourselves and I just kind of wanted the fans to hear what I’ve been working on and get the full perspective on things. I wanted to see what they thought and see what they responded to.

I’ve heard of fans picking the single but that seems crazy to have them pick the entire record.

Well yeah. I’m a little nervous about it. I don’t know what they’re going to do. I obviously like certain songs more than others but I guess I’m just putting my fate in the fans and trusting them. They’re going to want what they want anyways so I think giving them the choice is best for all parties involved.

What is the collaborative process like?

It’s been weird for me because I grew up writing just by myself in my bedroom and I wouldn’t show anybody so it’s kind of hard. It takes me a while. The more I get to know somebody and the more comfortable I am with the person the easier it goes. But I think you can always just write a song with somebody but if it’s going to be a song that means something, it’s nice to get to know the person.

The song where you sing, “The waters rising up to my knees and I can’t figure out –”

These Walls.

Yes! And how you talk about spreading your wings. What is that about?

Well it’s kind of one of those things. It’s kind of taking down all the rules around you and I feel like you’re going to do what you want to do.

What inspired you to write that? Is it about a relationship?

I guess it’s more just life in general. I’ve had a lot of experience where I’ll me like, I wish I could do that and then I’d think about it for a second and be like, oh I can. I just need to kind of get past this mental block. It’s kind of more recognizing what’s going on and then going for it.

Are you based in L.A.?

I just moved out here a year ago from upstate New York.

I’m moving to New York in August.

I moved to L.A. and that was crazy. Just brace yourself; it’s going to be weird. It was weird for me. Maybe you’ll just slide right in.

So this new CD, when I listen to it I’ll want to know what inspired you?

Kind of just growing up a little bit, getting out of my parent’s house and starting to make life decisions I guess. And deciding how I wanted to see the world in my own way.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


RULE 101: Don't brag about how your friend's parents own a sports team to pick up a girl.

Last night I went to Hollywood club Villa for my best friend's birthday when the following convo ensued:

"Hey what's up?" says a guy sitting with his friend at a table.

My friend and I introduce ourselves and handshakes are exchanged.

"This is my friend Drew," says the guy. "He owns the Dodgers."

"Oh yeah?" I say skeptically. "What, is his last name McCourt?"

The guy and his friend look at each other at laugh.

"Actually it is," McCourt's friend says.

"Well in that case, he doesn't own the Dodgers," I reply. "His parents own the Dodgers and I met them yesterday."

And with that I got up and left the table.

Bragging about your rich friend's parents is a bad pick-up line. Later I chatted with Drew McCourt who seemed very nice. He should probably tell his friends to stop using him to get girls though.

Friday, June 20, 2008


These pictures of me are from high school during my first and only trip to New York. We went there to debate in a Model United Nations conference but I had one goal and one goal only: to get on TRL. I convinced five other students on the trip to come with me and stand outside of TRL studios in Time Square in the freezing cold holding up posters I had made and brought on the trip. One poster said, "Please Let Us Up. Orange County Rocks." (This was before "The OC" or "Laguna Beach" I might add). The other one said "We Flew From Cali!". I spent a lot of time on those things. My classmates thought I was crazy.

Well, I ended up getting picked for a contest, winning the contest and my entire crew got to go upstairs for the rest of the TRL taping. Needless to say we got more that 15 seconds on TV that day and all the kids who didn't stand outside with me were pretty bitter. I was the talk of my high school for a good week or so. I also won an award at the debate the next day. Double success.

I was pretty sure things couldn't get cooler but here I am six years later writing an article for MTV. Seems pretty surreal. Check it out below:

Linkin Park Tell How Busta Rhymes Invited Himself Along For Projekt Revolution 2008

Chris Cornell, Atreyu, the Bravery also join the bill of bands Linkin Park 'think would be a good match.'

By Laura Lane

Linkin Park weren't sure they'd be able to top last year's Projekt Revolution tour, but with a lineup that includes veteran rap and rock performers Busta Rhymes and Chris Cornell, as well as the Bravery and Ashes Divide, this year's bill may prove to be their most eclectic yet ... (continued)

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I’m getting nervous about my move from Tinsel Town to the Big Apple, so it’s a good thing I ran into DJ Qualls (Road Trip and The New Guy), who gave me some important tips about surviving in New York.

Laura: I’m moving to New York in August.

DJ Qualls: You’ve been of course many times?


You’ve never been to New York!

I’ve only been there once and it was in high school so I don’t even think that counts.

It’s such a different city. It’s such a different vibe. I personally couldn’t live there, because it’s a city you have to be on all the time. Like if you get sick, the city piles on top of you. You have to have resolve. You have to be strong and in L.A. you really don’t have to that much strength. You have to have a stylist and an agent in Los Angeles. They do everything for you.

I know, right? I’ll have to do it all on my own.

Yes, it’s much more difficult. And also just daily things like getting groceries. Like here you load up your car and you go to Ralph’s.

Yeah, so what do I do?

You drag a cart down the street.



What if I don’t want people seeing all the groceries I bought? Like what if one day I want to buy some junk food? I don’t want people thinking that’s all I eat.

I’m super paranoid to buy toilet paper, deodorant and underwear.

Yes! Oh my god, me too. I’ll put the food on top.

I hate buying it. I get it online.

That’s so smart. They deliver it to your door?

Yup. I buy all the things that I’m embarrassed to buy online.

This is genius. Do you have any more tips? How else will I survive in the city?

Well it’s really hard to make friends but I have two great friends who are New Yorkers. It’s just a different mentality. You have to put yourself out there. L.A.’s very cat like. You stand at a party and you pose and you expect people to come over and talk to you. You really just have to make the effort and put yourself out there.

Be proactive.

Yes, and plus we’re all human no madder where you’re from and if you have a good heart people are going to see that and they’re going to gravitate toward you. You’ll do fine.

I’m glad we had this talk.


It's Party Girl Radio time! This week my work bestie Party Girl Cristina Gibson and I tell you about how Hollywood's hottest couples are heating up and why Jessica Simpson might be taking a jab at Tony Romo's ex. Plus, which supermodel is literally losing her hair? We've got the dish. (Love the word "dish." As I've said before, "dish" is a word we like to use because it sounds more revealing than simply "talk.")


This is 17 seconds worth your time. Seriously, how am I seeing this video for the first time ever? It has more than a million views on You-Tube. Oh, the little things in life that make us laugh.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Last week I covered a celebrity Scrabble tournament. Now these are the type of events I like to cover. Send me to a spelling bee, Scrabble tournament or poker tourney and I'm in heaven. The celebs paired up, pulled back their sleeves, wiped the sweat off their brow, spelled out words like "bake" and "sexy" and battled it out through the playoffs until slowly the teams were whittled down to just two championship hopefuls- Seth Green and Skeet Ulrich vs. Jimmy Kimmel and producer Daniel Kellison. But in the end there could only be one winner ... Kimmel's team came out victorious. Well done.

It was a fierce competition - edge of your seats excitement. And while I hit it off with Dave Anabelle (we talked sports together) I was mostly excited about chatting with Seth who promised I could come to one of his ping pong tournaments (basically I invited myself and claimed I was a master at the game). Here's my chat with Seth Green:

Laura: So what were you up to today?

Seth Green: I came from work.

What were you working on?

I make a show called Robot Chicken so I was working there. We have kind of a brutal 11 month schedule once this show starts. It’s really killer.

No vacaction at all?

Naw, I kind of pile on work and then take a vacation at the end of the year typically.

Get it all done at once.

There’s just so much stuff that happens in the year and I love the opportunities that I get so I try to take advanatage of them.

Have you gotten really into the presidential election?

Oh I’m for sure going to vote.

Who do you think should be Barack Obama’s running mate?

I don’t really think that’s a decision I’m qualified to make. I’m hoping both of the candidates choose people that they feel would adequately compliment their presidency.

You see, I think if you called up Barack and told him who you think he should pick, he’d totally go for it.

We’re super close. (laugh) But it’s tough because I don’t want to give him advice if I’m not passing it to Hillary too cause we’re so close. You know what I mean? And the trouble with that is as soon as Mac’s hears about it and he’s on my tip, like why you giving it to them, freaking liberals.

Are you really into sports?

Nah, no. I’m into intellectual sports like Scrabble.

Have you always been into board games?

I played a lot of board games growing up. I love them. There’s a game called Othello. It’s similar to chess but it’s flipping. It’s a strategy game. It’s like a big board, you have chips that are white and black on one of the sides and you have to surround the other players tiles and flip them over. So the goal is to get as many of your color as possible but you want to beat your opponent. It’s a head-to-head game and it’s all strategy. It takes a second to figure it out.

Exciting. How do you feel about ping pong?

You, honestly, if you were trying to date me you just said the right thing.

It’s my favorite game, so I was just curious.

I honestly just had a ping pong competition at my house this past weekend. That’s kind of what I do.

Were you the champion?

No, it’s more an exhibition game for my friends to screw around. I’m not trying to win.

Well if you ever have an uneven number of people and you need someone else to join -

Yeah, I love bringing strangers into my home.

I’m pretty good so I might own you.

I don’t think so, but I totally appreciate your spirit. What’s your name?

Laura. Well good luck tonight. Let me know if you need an extra player.

(Side Note: Two hours later, I gave Seth my email and he promised he would email me to play ping pong. I better start practicing).


Colin Cowherd is my hero. I'm obsessed with his morning radio show on ESPN 710. Sometimes I hope I'll hit traffic on my way to work just so I can have some more Colin time. This morning he went off about some listener who wrote him saying how L.A. fans are fake, they don't really care about the team and it isn't fair that real fans couldn't afford tickets to the series that instead go to celebrities, who couldn't care less about the team.

Colin basically said, "Dude, move out of L.A. if you don't like fake people. L.A. is a place full of pretenders. The number one business here is the movie business. It's people who dress up and pretend to be other people. If you don't like it, move." That was the gist of it. I love when Colin gets all fired up and is like, "There are so many other things to entertain people in Los Angeles. The fans will be sad but then later today they'll go get their Botox, have a conference call with Kevin Spacey, get dinner at the Ivy and forget all about the loss."

I'll have to agree on this one. It's a city that feeds off of award winners, box office hits and super stars today, D-listers tomorrow. Will I miss this about Los Angeles? Not. At. All.

But I wonder, is New York any better? I can only hope.


I just snagged the last new Coldplay CD Viva La Vida at Starbucks this morning. Yes, I pay for my music. There's been lots of controversy lately about their new CD and alleged plagiarism. People are up in arms about an interview where they said they're, "the world's worst—but most enthusiastic—plagiarists. We'll try and copy anyone." Then there's the You-tube video that has nearly 300,000 hits.

On Monday, I was listening to Star 98.7 here in L.A. Coldplay took over the radio station for Mix-tape Mondays and DJ'd for an hour or so, where they played their favorite music. They played a song -which frustrating enough I can't remember what it was - and said on the radio show that they took the riff from that song for a song on their new album. So basically from what I gather, Coldplay isn't shy about "borrowing" riffs and tunes from other bands they like and making them better. If anything, they're proud to talk about it. It also isn't the first time they've used another band's music. Either way, their CD rocks, it's getting rav reviews and if they did borrow music from the band Creaky Boards, they should give the band credit ... but the Coldplay song is better anyways.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Cheer up, guys. There's always next year ... On the bright side you have Bynum.


"Who's smoking a cigar in here? Is someone smoking a cigar in here? I think that's against fire code."

-Announcer on 570am radio with a minute and a half left in Game 6 of the NBA Finals. Celtics trumped the Lakers 132-92 to win the Championship.

SIDE NOTE: For being so aggressive all series long, Kevin Garnett seriously needed to suck it up and stop crying at the end. Poor Michelle Tafoya. She was live on air and Garnett was bawling like a baby. Not even a few tears of happiness, like full on bawling. She just looked at him, and had to be thinking, "Dude, get some balls. Can you just answer my question for the love of god?!" He finally did but it was mostly mumbling after he screamed, "Anything can happpppppppennnnn!!!" Something you also might have missed was Garnett whispering to Bill Russell, "Now you got to tell me where to go out tonight. You ain't going home!"