Friday, March 21, 2008


That's right! I am at the top of my leader board with an amazing 92.9 percent. Yes, I am a sports reporter. But no, I don't closely follow every detail about every single sport. It's impossible! I could sit at home for 15 hours straight and make it my sole job to read up on every single sports and I still wouldn't know what is going on with every game, trade, player stat or current controversy.

I just haven't been watching very many college basketball games this season. So when it came to filling out my tournament brackets this year, I'll admit I was a bit worried. And what do I do when I feel a bit lost, confused or uniformed? Google.

... But I didn't have time since I was running late for a meeting so I said, screw it and I filled em' out anyways.

Here are some words of advice: It totally doesn't matter! Well, at least when it comes to filling out your brackets. Research, smeesearch. Whatever. I'll admit I made some poor choices choosing George Mason to make it a few rounds, but heck I am rockin' the tourney. Check this out, baby:

Screen grabs are awesome. Love the new Apple. Okay, so I wonder how much money I'll win. I mean, yes I know a lot can change and the tournament just started but let's be honest, I ...

What?!?! Fifth place now! 72.2 percent! How did this happen within a matter of minutes? I was just getting ready to screen grab my amazing brackets when this happened. Since when does ESPN refresh the page for you, ruining all your hopes and dreams? Damn you Kentucky, I have you going two more rounds! San Diego beat Connecticut? Davidson beat Gonzaga? I've never heard of Davidson!

This is mad I tell you, mad! (sigh) I suppose I should have looked at the scoreboards before getting too excited. (sigh) And I suppose I shouldn't have counted on winning the leaderboard for rent money. (sigh) Or my car payment. (sigh) There's always next year...

UPDATE: (As of 10:11pm) Seventh place!!! 68.2 percent! ... Hmmm, so I think I just figured out how to stop refreshing the page. Can't I enjoy at least a few moments of domination? Damn you March Madness.