Friday, March 21, 2008


It was perhaps the best surprise of the day when I saw former White Sox outfielder Scott Podsednik in the locker room. I had completly forgotten the White Sox let him go and he was here auditioning for the Rockies.

Okay, so he might not be as great as he was when he helped the White Sox win the 05' World Series, but have you seen the man smile? Better yet, have you ever had a conversation with him? I did. And it was by far the most entertaining part of my day. He is third on my list of favorite athletes with Barry Zito and Brady Quinn rounding out the top. They're all unconventional and funny, what can I say?

Podsednik told me how he likes to make blueberry muffin mix with milk and eat it. While my stomach cringes at the thought of eating such a concoction, I am pretty sure that random revelation just bumped him up to my number two spot.

"Pour milk into blueberry muffin mix; mix it around the batter," he explains.

"And eat it?" I ask with a disgusted look on my face. "That's sick."

"No, its so good, it's so good," he promises. "That's the recipe I'm gonna give you. It's just raw blueberry batter mix. I just eat the mix like that."

I'm pretty sure that's not a real recipe and definitely not the answer my editor at ESPN was looking for.

"That's pretty gross," I inform him.

"Yeah, it's not very healthy," he admits. "I used to do crackers in milk. Crushed up crackers and milk mixed up. That's not really a recipe I gave you, I just like eating raw batter blueberry muffin mix. You need to try it sometime."

Podsednik also told me how he finally bought a car. "My teammates over at the White Sox were giving me hell because I didn't own an automobile, because I'd get dealer cars during the season so I finally broke down and bought a car," Podsednik explains. Nothing like freeloading hot rods. What did he get? "A Tahoe!" he tells me proudly.

SIDE NOTE: Oreos and milk are way better than blueberry muffin mix.