Friday, March 21, 2008


Friday morning I head to Hi Corbett Field, home to the Colorado Rockies who are playing the Cubs. The crowd is much different than the rowdy, spirited bunch I'm used to at the Dodgers and Angeles games.

Granted this is spring training and certainly not the playoffs but this crowd is dressed to relax at the Marriott pool or watch a golf match rather than come to a baseball game. Lots of khaki shorts and polos. Half of them appear to have escaped the elderly home and I've never seen more visors and fanny packs in one day in my life. But they sure are in a good mood!

The comments were in no way meant to be a diss. I am just happy I won't have to sit through 23 rounds of "the wave" like at Dodgers games (honestly L.A. fans, three times around the stadium is enough). The crowd goes crazy when Kool and the Gang's "Celebration" comes on as Matt Holiday comes to the plate. I haven't heard that song since my little bro's Bar Mitzvah. Good times, good times.

Now Tucson isn't exactly the most exciting place in the world. It's hot as hell, dry, dusty and certainly less lively than Phoenix, but I am more than happy to be here - everyone is so nice! Heck, as long as its out of L.A. It's spring break for USC so all of my friends who don't have the serious job thing to attend to have taken off for San Francisco and Santa Barbara (Cabo was so three years ago). I was a little curious as to why I was sent here instead of Phoenix - which has more teams and more stadiums in the area - but with only two stadiums and three teams in Tucson, less choices means less chaos, so I'm happy.

I got a few good interviews pre-game even though most of the players were distracted by the Drake v Western Kentucky game on the locker room TV's. Every guy in the locker room was watching the college basketball game, except for outfielder Seth Smith who was reading the newspaper. Good for him, way to stay informed.

"I'm happy as hell they went into overtime!" says Rockies catcher Chris Iannetta to his teammates watching the game.

"Did you fill out your brackets?" I ask Iannetta.

"No, I didn't do a bracket," he confesses.

I talked with Garrett Atkins, Troy Tulowitzki, Matt Holiday, Clint Barnes and Iannaetta on the Rockies but the Cubs left most of their starters two hours away in Phoenix and if I don't talk to a couple of the guys, my Chicago-born dad will most likely disown me.

SIDE NOTE: This crowd is starting to look rather lobster-esque. It's really hot here. Like terribly hot. Man, that lady could really use some Hawaiian Tropic SPF 50 right now. That's going to be an awfully bad sunglass tan.