Friday, March 21, 2008


I am waiting near the Chicago Cubs dugout as Ramon Ramirez finishes up the Rockies 7-3 win over the Cubs, when a fan in the stands above me taps me on the shoulder, "Hey, excuse me, do you have heights listed on there?" he asks pointing to the roster in my hands.

"Um, yeah its on here," I reply, a bit confused.

"How tall is number 60?" he asks. I fumble through my papers and find Rockies pitcher Manny Corpas, 6-3.

"Ahhh, how much do you owe me!" shouts a guy in the group to his friend when I give them the news. "I was so close!" yells another. "Ask her about number 17!" screams one. "And 61!" screams another. After finding Todd Helton, 6'2, I decide to turn the roster over to the anxious group.

"Do you need these back right away?" the first guy asks me.

"Yeah, I actually do, what's this all about?" I finally wonder. "You guys have a bet going on?"

"These guys have been bantering back and forth the whole game; we've been making bets on how tall all the players are," the man explains. "I mean, you really can't tell. Like with Ramon Ramirez, one person said 5'0 and another said 5'8. Look at how short he looks!" (For the record Ramirez is a respectable 5'11 - according to the roster).

"Do you have the Cubs roster too?" someone asks. Okay, now I need my notes back. Gotta go do interviews. Ramirez just struck out Felix Pie and now the game is over.

Maybe size doesn't matter so much after all.