Saturday, October 25, 2008


Of course. Game 3 of the World Series just has to start at the same time at the USC v Arizona game. Damn you rain delays! Now I have to chose which channel to watch more- my beloved Trojans or the World Series. I'll have to be constantly hitting the "Last" button on my remote, but what if I miss an awesome play? So lame. I guess I could TiVo both games just in case, but do I really need to do that?

I'm should just be thankful the USC game is on TV in the East Coast. There's been a few games that haven't played on TV unless I paid for them. That is ridiculous. It should be a rule that every top 15 team in the BCS has to be shown nationwide. I shouldn't have to resort to refreshing or listening to the game on my computer. I'm not talking about Fresno State here. This is USC! A power house!

Oh, and P.S., how amazing is Cole Hamels? He has a sick change up. He's obviously not pitching tonight, but I'll use any excuse to post a picture of him.

In case you are wondering, I'm rooting for the Phillies, only for the sake of the Dodgers so they won't feel as bad for losing the NLCS. It's hard to root for Tampa Bay and their bandwagon fans. I mean, I lived in Los Angeles, some of the biggest bandwagon fans of them all. They love you when you're hot and ditch you when you're not. It's not a bad thing neccesarily. People should be rewarded for winning. But Tampa Bay makes Los Angeles look like Red Sox fans. It's sad.

And lastly, go Trojans! Slowly moving up the rankings one week at a time even though they continue to play unranked teams ... and for people to say history and name recognition doesn't matter- ha! It's like a frat. There's just certain privileges you get for being around for a few years longer than the pledges. You can't just decide to be good one year and think you deserve top ranking! Show some consistency over a few years and then the voters will consider you. Deal with it.