Tuesday, October 28, 2008


All I have to say is that thank god I didn't buy tickets to Game 5 of the World Series. Imagine if you lived in another state, flew out, stayed in a hotel only to sit in the rain, watch your team run around in slush and then have the game canceled in the 6th.

There are many things that went wrong this year.

First of all, it's never good for MLB when people need to be convinced why they should care about the World Series. No one can pretend that a Dodgers-Red Sox series wouldn't have been sweet. You can't write a Hollywood script that sugary sweet - a team paying another team to play them, Manny Ramirez stirring trouble in the locker room, walking to bases and then moving to L.A., hitting balls out of the park and running faster than Speedy Gonzalez. I was in the Red Sox locker room when they had Manny and I was in the Dodgers locker room two weeks later when they had Manny. I know.

Second of all, the whole mix up with the rule change is ridiculous. Imagine if the Phillies had been up in the 6th and started celebrating when the game was stopped because they thought they won the World Series. Um, that would have been embarrassing.

Third, Bud Selig joking that “We’ll stay here if we have to celebrate Thanksgiving here" instead of finishing the game in Tampa, is not funny. And if they did stay in Philly until Thanksgiving, I guarantee you'd see a lot more teams announce they're building new stadiums - stadiums with roofs. And considering the economy and the little controversy the Yankees are dealing with right now over financing for their new stadium, that would probably be a very bad idea.

Those are really my only complaints but if I have to come up with two more it'd be:

Fourth, what stupid hotel were the Rays staying at that wouldn't let them back in after they had checked out on Monday and needed to stay another night? Kick out the other people if you have to! These guys are playing in the World Series! Make them drive to Delaware? What is up with that? Not cool.

Fifth, we didn't get to see enough of Cole Hamels. End of story.