Thursday, October 30, 2008


So apparently I'm a lot more gullible than I realized. Last night I went to a concert for a band called White Tie Affair. They are this pop rock group of five cute guys. You may remember them from an episode on The Hills that was centered around Audrina Patridge going to their concert.

Well before the concert, I hung out with the guys at the W Hotel for a meet and greet, and a pre-concert chat. It was then that I got officially punk'd by the lead singer and guitarist who told me a rather convincing story about Audrina that I then pitched to my editors the next day at work, only to find out that it was complete crap once I called her rep. They were messing with me, I bought it and I'm an idiot. I still have no hard feelings for the guys. But seriously, this is war. I will get my revenge on them ...

Convo went as follows:

CHRIS WALLACE (LEAD SINGER): “There’s actually something interesting about Audrina. She’s like really intelligent. More than you can even believe.”

SEAN P (GUITARIST): “She’s like Rain Man. This is really weird. We were doing the shoot and I just kept seeing her when there’s nothing going on writing on paper. And she’s got this ridiculous math equation worked out on a piece paper. I’m like, what are you doing? And she’s like ‘trigonometry.’”

ME: “What? I don’t believe you.”

S.P.: “And she was like. ‘Just some trig.’ And I go, ‘Why are you doing that?’ and she’s like, ‘I don’t know, I just like to do it. It’s a hobby.’ It’s totally some Rain Man shit. And the weird thing is we were messing with her and giving her all these weird math problems and it was like nothing. She was like bam! So then she was giving us equations on gas mileage, just the weirdest stuff broke down like you’ve never heard it. Like you’ve never seen this. I couldn’t believe it.”

ME: “Well then why has no one ever heard about this before? Why would she not want to do something with the math?”

C.W.: “I guess that’s not the public persona she wants to show, and I can respect that.”

S.P.: “I asked around and her friends say that’s just something that she does for no reason. She’ll just do math. She’ll do these ridiculous problems, like a whole page worth of math.”

ME: “Wow, that’s crazy!”

C.W.: “When you ask her about it, she’s so casual about it. She’s just like, oh I just like to do math. Dude, she’s like some weird trigobot.”

At that point some friends from another band arrived and the convo was cut short. The next day I emailed Audrina’s publicist who responded: “Audrina is laughing about this one.” Ha, I don’t blame her. Perhaps Audrina can team up with me to conspire a way to prank get these guys back.