Saturday, October 25, 2008


Well hello, New York. I'm back.

I've probably lost all my readers at this point and frankly, I don't blame them. I moved to New York, didn't have internet for two weeks and gave up writing my beloved blog while I adjusted to the Big Apple, started a new job and went on more dates in three months than I've been on in three years (no joke).

I got emails from readers, including one from a girl in Australia and my most dedicated fan, the talented Lakers insider Beto Duran, wondering why I stopped writing and wondering when I would start it up again.

There were many moments I wanted so badly to write something - hilarious conversations overheard on the subway, watching the Dodgers playoffs and wanting oh so badly to be in L.A., interviewing the Williams sisters at the US Open, watching my first USC game in a NYC bar, watching the Presidential debates on my living room rug, having my mom call me every time she is in a grocery store and sees an OK! Magazine with my picture in it, Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, my first paparazzi chase, going to Yankee Stadium for the first time to watch the Red Sox v Yankees game, going on Entertainment Tonight and Extra (sweet!), kicking butt at poker at an Atlantic City casino, running into three Celtics players walking the streets in the East Village and embarrassing myself when USC alum Gabe Pruitt didn't remember me (I'm blaming it on my brown hair), playing at open mic night, and going on dates with various NYC men I've nicknamed so my roommate can keep them all straight:

1. Harvard
2. Art Boy
3. Toronto
4. The Swimmer
5. Hot Paparazzi
6. Chemist
7. Doctor
8. The Jew
9. Political Guy
10. Agent
11. Non-Exec Exec
12. Movie Dude
13. Sexy Nerd

Needless to say, it's been interesting.

In the last week there have been various occurrences I've wanted to write about -

The new Rolling Stone!!! They've changes the mag from an ESPNish look (which rocks my world) - bigger pages, larger pictures and an authentic feel; to the smaller size of every other shelf mag - glossy and run-of-the-mill. Sell outs.


Ok, ok, so it's just a few inches, but Rolling Stone is iconic. However, if they were going to chose someone to put on their new cover, Barack Obama was the perfect choice for the CHANGE. Get it? However, this is Barack's third RS cover, so um, yeah. We get it, you endorse him.

Anyways, what really made me finally give in and decide to start my blog back up was watching this AMAZING new Guitar Hero commercial with Kobe Bryant, Michael Phelps, A-Rod and Tony Hawk.

I've watched it now at least 15 times. This is even better than Joe Torre's commercial, which made its way all the way to the East Coast during the playoffs!

So yeah, I'm back. I'm sorry. And one day, I hope to regain the trust of my readers.

Write on, and rock on.