Monday, June 23, 2008


If you're a resident of Los Angeles, perhaps you've already seen the amazing Joe Torre State Farm commercial where he drinks wheat grass, does yoga and surfs (okay, more like boogie boards). I'm a big fan of Joe Torre and a big fan of the commercial. I caught up with Torre this weekend at the Dodgers induction to the Walk of Fame where we chatted about Hollywood and his new commercial. Watch it below!

Laura: This has to be pretty cool; they certainly don’t have things like this in New York.

Joe Torre: We have Broadway in New York but Hollywood is something else. To put a star on the Walk of Fame is pretty special. I don’t care at what age you come here you’re still going to walk down the street and see someone that you’ve admired for years. To have the Dodgers star here and to be a part of the Dodgers organization is pretty special.

Who are some of your favorite celebrities that have stars on the Walk of Fame?

Well Billy Crystal is a dear friend now and Milton Burrow, he was probably the guy that got me connected to the Dodgers as a fan when I came here back in the early 60s when I was playing with the Braves. He was a huge Dodger fan. At that time I met Dorris Day and he introduced me to Edward G. Robinson and George Raft. I met Cary Grant at Dodger stadium during the World Series in 1981. These are people I admired on the silver screen for along time and to realize how big of baseball fans they were made you feel even better.

You’re a TV star too now. I was watching your commercial the other day with you surfing.

Yeah I was really on the water but I wasn’t very comfortable. I was happy to do that. It was a great commercial because it really showed the transition that you make when you come out here to L.A.

From stars on the Walk of Fame to L.A. commercials, you’re an official Hollywood celebrity.

Well I have a friend whose name is Tommy Lasorda too. The next celebration I would certainly like to be to celebrate the Dodgers championship.

Have you been working on your surfing skills in the meantime?

No chance. State Farm got me to do that and I’m glad I did that because I’ve had a very positive reaction to it and it was fun doing it.