Tuesday, April 8, 2008


There’s just under 55 minutes till game time, but the Nuggets locker room isn’t talking basketball. “Who’s going to win the Masters?” one of the players screams to Chucky Atkins from across the locker room.

“Tiger,” he answers (pronouncing it like the Disney character, not the animal). “Tiger Woods."

“You gotta think of another name,” someone else shouts.

“Other than him? Probably VJ,” Atkins replies. “VJ would be up there … You don’t think so? That’s alright. That means he’s due!”

Atkins and I start talking about how fast LeBron James is when Allen Iverson – A.I. as he’s called – cuts in the convo.

“Man he ain’t running no 4.2!” Iverson says when Atkins tells me how fast LeBron is running the 40.

“What you running?” Atkins asks.

“That boy better not be running no 4.2,” Iverson adds.

“What are you running?” Atkins asks again.

“It ain’t no 4.2,” Iverson says.

“Well he’s running fast as a mother fucker,” replies Atkins.

“Damn, that be blazing!”

For the record, I can't find anywhere that says James runs the 40-yard dash in 4.2 seconds. So Iverson, don't feel bad.