Thursday, April 17, 2008


Last summer after graduation I needed some extra cash, so my friend Amanda and I worked at Angels stadium at the AT&T booth. We didn't sell anything. No, no, we would be very bad at that. Basically our job was to get people over to the booth so the sales guys could sell them stuff. It was incredibly boring because we couldn't watch the game and we sucked at our jobs. So we would bring baseball gloves and play catch (occasionally hitting a fan or two in the head, so we eventually switched to plastic baseballs) and try to talk to people so we looked somewhat productive. While trying to fill time one game, I came up with this great idea to write an AT&T rap. So we made this 30 second video on a cell phone and emailed it to the head of marketing at AT&T. Um, let's just say, he didn't think it was commercial quality.

I rap; Amanda beat boxes. Lyrics are below for extra enjoyment.

Everybody come to AT&T,
It's got a lot of technology,
All the cool stuff for you and me,
It's got everything that you need,
Don't ya know it's the place to be?
Yo, yo, AT&T, AT&T, AT&T,
LL in the house, AC in the houuuuse

(Yes, we are trying to make an AT&T hand sign at the end)