Saturday, April 19, 2008


I'm back in Orange County this weekend to celebrate Passover with the fam. The NBA playoffs started today, which means in between watching the San Antonio Spurs beat the Phoenix Sun 117-115 in double overtime, I'm also helping my mom make matzah ball soup and charoses. Needless to say it's quite a bit different than watching a game in a sports arena surrounded by the stat-smart press corps and die-hard fans. My mom, god-bless her heart, occasionally likes to interject in a not-so-Michelle-Tafoya-knowledgeable way. Here's some gems of the day:

"Can you imagine how stinky it must be down there? I don't know how they can stand being next to one another in the game."

"On his salary he can afford to get his teeth fixed."
(during a close up of Gregg Popovich; gotta love HD)

"Why do they touch each other after a free throw?"
My dad: "Hunny, they're rubbing some of their luck."