Tuesday, November 4, 2008


It's up to you America!!!

Even Sarah Palin is embarrassed to vote for McCain. This morning after she finished voting at a polling place in Wasilla, Alaska a reporter asked her outside who she voted for and she replied, "I am also exercising my right to privacy and I don't have to tell anybody who I voted for and nobody does. And that's really cool about America, also." There were also a lot of Japanese reporters who started asking her about Japan. It was a bit awkward for everyone.

Is CNN really that desperate for advertisers that they're allowing Fox news to advertise on their channel? I seriously thought I accidentally put on FOX News when I heard an ad saying, "The most watched, the most trusted election headquarters ... Fox News!" But nope, I was watching CNN News. CNN must be so confident they're the best, they don't believe any of their viewers will actually change the channel to laughable FOX. Or perhaps they figure any ad is better than Viagra and Diabetes medicine commercials.

Voting booths are very confusing. It looked like I was trying to fly a plane in there with that huge board with 500 nobs and levers. I don't remember it looking like that at my polling place four years ago in Cali. This was so old school! Who came up with this system?! I thought I had to pull the lever after each vote so I pulled it after I voted for President and then couldn't vote for anything else! On top of that, my polling place didn't have the "I voted" stickers! What's up with that? I don't understand how we can have crazy databases, fly to the moon and be so technologically advanced but then have voting booths from the 1960's. Update your shit America! Simplicity + Efficiency = Accuracy.

The robo calls that the Republicans have been doing today are desperate and pathetic. Total lies. They made calls about how Vidal Castro endorses Obama and how voting for Obama will turn the US into a Cuban dictatorship. Give me a break!

Walking the streets of New York I hear everyone talking about the elections. There was a young girl with her mom standing in front of me at the polls and the little girls was telling her mom how in school all the students had to choose who they would vote for. "Every one of the kids picked Obama mom."

In Union Square there are a ton of people selling different Obama t-shirts but I don't see any booths selling McCain shirts. Do McCain voters not represent?

In sports news, today the Cleveland Browns announced they're benching QB Derek Anderson, and will finally be starting Brady Quinn. I've been a Brady Quinn fan since his early days at Notre Dame and I was lucky to meet him at the ESPY's this year. This move is long over due. He already has a million endorsements and he's never even started a game. He'll make his first starting appearance against the Broncos on Thursday night. However, I was disappointed when I discovered this:

...Ok, leaving for an elections viewing party. Peace.