Wednesday, November 5, 2008


As Johnny Drama from Entourage would say, "Victory!"

Barack Obama has defeated John McCain. This is a huge historical landmark and I wanted to celebrate the election in a historical way so I went to Rockefeller Center and celebrated with thousands of others New Yorkers. The energy of the crowd was insane and it truly felt like I was a part of something important. Here's some pics I took to document the night:

My mom actually called me on the phone and told me to go to Rockefeller Center because she saw it on CNN and said it looked like a crazy cool place to be. I don't think she used the words "crazy cool" but I'm sure that's what she meant. And she was right.

They had many indicators as to who was ahead in the election. One was the U.S. map on the ice skating rink where they would paint each state red or blue when the results came in.

The other was this amazing building where the Obama and McCain elevator (or decorated window washer thing) would rise with the results. It was a race to the top - well, to 270.

Later that night I went to NYC hotspot Haven where Obama Girl was hosting a party. Um yeah, I said Obama Girl. Remember that You-Tube video with the girl singing her affection for Obama and dancing seductively? Well she still has love for her man and she was hosting a party. Good times, good times. Check out my interview with Obama Girl here. She was awesome. Even though Obama was expected to win, seeing this announcement on TV felt surprisingly powerful.

Here is some video of the scene at Rockefeller Center. The crowd goes crazy when Obama rises and boos when McCain's does. It is New York people. At the end there is an adorable kid who starts jumping up and down when Obama wins New York. This election has affected people at every age!