Monday, November 10, 2008


Anyways – according to the New York Times, Barack Obama is the new hip, hot, trendy, cool, all the rage, popular, baby name! Apparently, there were a few people who actually gave birth as he won and decided it was destined that their kid be named Barack Obama.

Shhh – don’t tell them that a baby is born ever 4.2 seconds in the world. Let it be destiny.

This isn’t anything revolutionary that a name becomes common after a popular figure emerges, but up until the election I had never heard of someone named Barack. Michelle, Malia and Sasha have also gained popularity. I'm all for unique names that are also easy to spell!

For fun, here are the top ten most popular names of last year and the most popular 23 years ago (when I was born). In 1985 Laura was the 14th most popular name. If I was a boy, my parents were planning to name me Ryan (12th), which I personally think would have been a hot name for a girl anyways.

Top 10 Names for 2007
Male name Female name
1 Jacob --- Emily
2 Michael --- Isabella
3 Ethan --- Emma
4 Joshua --- Ava
5 Daniel --- Madison
6 Christopher --- Sophia
7 Anthony --- Olivia
8 William --- Abigail
9 Matthew ---Hannah
10 Andrew --- Elizabeth

Top 10 Names for 1985
Male name Female name
1 Michael --- Jessica
2 Christopher --- Ashley
3 Matthew ---Jennifer
4 Joshua --- Amanda
5 Daniel --- Sarah
6 David --- Stephanie
7 James --- Nicole
8 Robert --- Heather
9 John --- Elizabeth
10 Joseph --- Megan