Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I met ...

Michael Jordan!

I'm not a believer in the Secret per say (that book/movie), but am a believer in energy and positive thinking and when you say something, it happens. Like the time I told my friend I'd introduce her to Michael Vartan and totally did. Like the time I said I would move to New York in six months and I moved five and a half months later. Like the time I wrote a blog about Michael Jordan and then met him a couple days later - oh yeah, that was tonight.

Seriously. I met Michael Jordan. I grew up watching the Bulls. My dad is from Chicago. My little brother's room growing up had Chicago Bulls wall paper. For my dad's birthday when I was ten, I got him a lazer pen (back when those were cool) that had a bulls logo so we could pretend we were at the stadium when we watched games since they always had a red lazer bull logo on the court when the Bulls theme song came on.

There aren't many icons I get excited about meeting, but I quickly texted my friend afterwards and called my dad. It doesn't get bigger than Mike (And this is after I spent the day walking next to Katie Holmes and Suri). I kept my cool though, introduced myself and said hi. He was in New York for the Knicks v Charlotte game. Mike works behind the scenes at the Charlotte organization but has been known to join in at practice every now and then. Also at the game was Chris Rock, Ethan Hawke and Spike Lee.