Sunday, November 9, 2008


And when I say "He" I mean Brett Favre, and when I say "It," I'm talking skills like a tractor truck that ran over the St. Louis Rams on Sunday. It was a 47-3 beating. Ouch!

My favorite part of the game was when the crowd booed after the Rams scored the 3-point field goal - when New York already had 40 points on the board!!! Guess they were hoping for a shutout. I got to talk to Brett after the game for a minute and he was definitely more upbeat than the last home game against the Chiefs where they barely squeezed out a win.

Winning = Happy players = Good interviews = Happy editors.

Here's some gems from a message board I was checking out during the game:

redscapswizfan: damn is this a college game lol!!! jets are kicking some butt

nxbombers111: Clemens is going to play I bet.

YankeesJets2375: Clemens? Roger Clemens could beat these Rams. Without HGH too. How did we lose to the Raiders? What a crazy season.

YankeesJets2375: Mangini, is letting his inner Belichick come out, I dont like it.

This Thursday the Jets play the Patriots in New England who they are currently tied with in the AFC East 6-3.