Friday, November 28, 2008


... You do what you got to do to get by. This is when you know your life's gone down the toilet (no pun intended).

In Times Square the other night I ran into this guy who was dressed as a toilet. I have to give this guy props for having some fun with his job. He actually seemed to being enjoying it, which goes to show attitude is all in your head.

However, I'm not so sure many people could have such a positive outlook as The Toilet Man. Watching him made me realize I will never, ever complain about my job (not that I do because I love my job). You know that saying "it could always be worse." Well for those stuck in cubicles or those who've lost their jobs, just remember, you could always be dressed as a toilet.

Advertising in New York city can be difficult especially with the 17-foot advertising posters and bright lights, so the genius people at Charmin decided to open up free restrooms in the middle of Times Square. Usually Starbucks is the only place a person in search of a restroom can find a clean and usable toilet that an establishment will let you use. But that is no longer true. Thank you to the genius people at Charmin who decided to hire Toilet Man to stand out front on the streets of Times Square in the freezing cold and yell, "Party over here! Free restrooms!!! Party time at Charmin!"

Only in New York ...