Saturday, November 15, 2008


And to think I thought that moving to New York, I would stop seeing celebrities at basketball games. Last week I met Michael Jordan and then tonight I ran into my buddy Shaun White!

This was an even bigger surprise than the time I ran into him at the airport. The Olympic snowboarder and X-Game medalist was sitting front row at the game. I chatted for a bit with Shaun at half time and caught up on our old days at the X-Games and causing trouble at the Standard in L.A. Shaun was originally supposed to be sitting next Brett Favre but Brett was a no-show. He did however get to sit next to Kerry Rhodes. Shaun’s in NYC until Sunday promoting his new video game.

During the game they showed the clip from the Jets amazing win Thursday night and Kerry Rhodes stood up and waved to the crowd who went wild. Even Nate Robinson pointed at him and gave a nod.

Nate is being mic’d tonight for the first time for television. Coach Mike D'Antoni gave the TV crew the okay (what doesn't he say no to though with the media? He's a full access kinda guy) and Nate got taped up with a tiny mic underneath his jersey. It's so reality show-ish... but kinda cool. Speaking of which, I don’t know why reality show mics can’t be that discreet.

Knicks beat Oklahoma City 116-106, barely. The Thunder were seriously making a run for it at the end. The Thunder are the former Seattle Sonics before they moved to Oklahoma City. In the deal the Sonics were allowed the keep their name in case they ever wanted to build a franchise again. I still haven't gotten used to the name Thunder though ... at least it's better than the Yard Dawgs. I've already expressed my feeling about that.

I've actually started to really enjoy Knicks games. Dare I admit I am that much of a New Yorker? However, they seriously need some energy in the fourth quarter. Every single game they give away the lead. I don't get it. It's like how I was running the 800 in high school track. Huge lead until I burnt out at the end. Thank god I decided to be a writer.