Saturday, November 1, 2008


Halloween was fantastic this year! Not only was I amazed at the creative costumes and effort people put in this year, but I can now say I officially had my first Halloween in New York. Here are five things worth noting from the night:

1. I finally decided on a costume, which ended up being the best idea in the world. I was the Statue of Liberty and my friend was a tourist. Get it? Tourists like to go see the Statue. Anyways, not only was it timely because of the elections, but being my first year in New York, it seemed fitting and surprisingly I didn't see anyone else with my costume the entire night. The best part was that my friend got her costume at Grand Central - the map around her neck, fanny pack, I love NY tee and visor. BTW, we're bringing the fanny back. So convenient.

2. I find it hilarious that parents in the city result to taking their kids to Rite Aid to go trick-or-treating. I'm not sure what else I expected. I mean it's not like you can go knock on anyone's apartment in the city but I used to think trick-or-treating in a mall was weird enough let alone walking down the street and seeing kids go inside convenient stores and pharmacies to ask for candy. So weird.

3. My second stop of the night was Heidi Klum's party at NYC hotspot 1Oak. Heidi is known for going all out for her Halloween costume each year. At her party in L.A. last year at Green Door she was dressed as a cat in a full bodysuit with her entire face painted. This year, she was unrecognizable dressed as the scary blue god Sheva. It was absolutely nuts - skull heads and everything.

4. Getting a cab on Halloween in NYC is completely impossible and cab drivers are ruthless. They ask where you are going before they let you get in the cab and if you try to open the door before you tell them, they will drive away just inches from crushing your toes. I, being new at all of this, do not know whether the correct answer is somewhere close by or far away. I still don't know, never found out and walked really far in not so comfortable shoes to get home.

5. My friend spent the week making a surprise costume that ended up being the greatest thing I've ever seen in my life - she was a Pac-man! It was amazing. And I can't stop talking about it. I will borrow that costume some day.