Sunday, June 22, 2008


RULE 101: Don't brag about how your friend's parents own a sports team to pick up a girl.

Last night I went to Hollywood club Villa for my best friend's birthday when the following convo ensued:

"Hey what's up?" says a guy sitting with his friend at a table.

My friend and I introduce ourselves and handshakes are exchanged.

"This is my friend Drew," says the guy. "He owns the Dodgers."

"Oh yeah?" I say skeptically. "What, is his last name McCourt?"

The guy and his friend look at each other at laugh.

"Actually it is," McCourt's friend says.

"Well in that case, he doesn't own the Dodgers," I reply. "His parents own the Dodgers and I met them yesterday."

And with that I got up and left the table.

Bragging about your rich friend's parents is a bad pick-up line. Later I chatted with Drew McCourt who seemed very nice. He should probably tell his friends to stop using him to get girls though.