Friday, June 20, 2008


These pictures of me are from high school during my first and only trip to New York. We went there to debate in a Model United Nations conference but I had one goal and one goal only: to get on TRL. I convinced five other students on the trip to come with me and stand outside of TRL studios in Time Square in the freezing cold holding up posters I had made and brought on the trip. One poster said, "Please Let Us Up. Orange County Rocks." (This was before "The OC" or "Laguna Beach" I might add). The other one said "We Flew From Cali!". I spent a lot of time on those things. My classmates thought I was crazy.

Well, I ended up getting picked for a contest, winning the contest and my entire crew got to go upstairs for the rest of the TRL taping. Needless to say we got more that 15 seconds on TV that day and all the kids who didn't stand outside with me were pretty bitter. I was the talk of my high school for a good week or so. I also won an award at the debate the next day. Double success.

I was pretty sure things couldn't get cooler but here I am six years later writing an article for MTV. Seems pretty surreal. Check it out below:

Linkin Park Tell How Busta Rhymes Invited Himself Along For Projekt Revolution 2008

Chris Cornell, Atreyu, the Bravery also join the bill of bands Linkin Park 'think would be a good match.'

By Laura Lane

Linkin Park weren't sure they'd be able to top last year's Projekt Revolution tour, but with a lineup that includes veteran rap and rock performers Busta Rhymes and Chris Cornell, as well as the Bravery and Ashes Divide, this year's bill may prove to be their most eclectic yet ... (continued)