Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Last week I covered a celebrity Scrabble tournament. Now these are the type of events I like to cover. Send me to a spelling bee, Scrabble tournament or poker tourney and I'm in heaven. The celebs paired up, pulled back their sleeves, wiped the sweat off their brow, spelled out words like "bake" and "sexy" and battled it out through the playoffs until slowly the teams were whittled down to just two championship hopefuls- Seth Green and Skeet Ulrich vs. Jimmy Kimmel and producer Daniel Kellison. But in the end there could only be one winner ... Kimmel's team came out victorious. Well done.

It was a fierce competition - edge of your seats excitement. And while I hit it off with Dave Anabelle (we talked sports together) I was mostly excited about chatting with Seth who promised I could come to one of his ping pong tournaments (basically I invited myself and claimed I was a master at the game). Here's my chat with Seth Green:

Laura: So what were you up to today?

Seth Green: I came from work.

What were you working on?

I make a show called Robot Chicken so I was working there. We have kind of a brutal 11 month schedule once this show starts. It’s really killer.

No vacaction at all?

Naw, I kind of pile on work and then take a vacation at the end of the year typically.

Get it all done at once.

There’s just so much stuff that happens in the year and I love the opportunities that I get so I try to take advanatage of them.

Have you gotten really into the presidential election?

Oh I’m for sure going to vote.

Who do you think should be Barack Obama’s running mate?

I don’t really think that’s a decision I’m qualified to make. I’m hoping both of the candidates choose people that they feel would adequately compliment their presidency.

You see, I think if you called up Barack and told him who you think he should pick, he’d totally go for it.

We’re super close. (laugh) But it’s tough because I don’t want to give him advice if I’m not passing it to Hillary too cause we’re so close. You know what I mean? And the trouble with that is as soon as Mac’s hears about it and he’s on my tip, like why you giving it to them, freaking liberals.

Are you really into sports?

Nah, no. I’m into intellectual sports like Scrabble.

Have you always been into board games?

I played a lot of board games growing up. I love them. There’s a game called Othello. It’s similar to chess but it’s flipping. It’s a strategy game. It’s like a big board, you have chips that are white and black on one of the sides and you have to surround the other players tiles and flip them over. So the goal is to get as many of your color as possible but you want to beat your opponent. It’s a head-to-head game and it’s all strategy. It takes a second to figure it out.

Exciting. How do you feel about ping pong?

You, honestly, if you were trying to date me you just said the right thing.

It’s my favorite game, so I was just curious.

I honestly just had a ping pong competition at my house this past weekend. That’s kind of what I do.

Were you the champion?

No, it’s more an exhibition game for my friends to screw around. I’m not trying to win.

Well if you ever have an uneven number of people and you need someone else to join -

Yeah, I love bringing strangers into my home.

I’m pretty good so I might own you.

I don’t think so, but I totally appreciate your spirit. What’s your name?

Laura. Well good luck tonight. Let me know if you need an extra player.

(Side Note: Two hours later, I gave Seth my email and he promised he would email me to play ping pong. I better start practicing).