Monday, June 30, 2008


It's absolutely body-numbing-shock to go from RIDICULOUS (yet utterly amazing) days like these, where I got like four hours of sleep and worked non-stop to go to an entire month of vaca (despite some baseball games, working on a book (maybe), sorting out my life, etc). My life has gotten so dull these past few days that my best friend Nicole brought me some books on tape (they're actually CD's but apparently still called books on tape for some unexplainable reason). Here's my excitement for the day:

  • 7:30am-9:30am: (don't ask why I was awake, couldn't tell ya) Listened to the Colin Cowherd show on ESPN 710.
  • 11- 12am: Cleaned my apartment and threw away the dead plants I forgot to feed (sorry, roomie who's away in Rome) while watching the Best of Mike and Mike on ESPN.
  • 12-2pm: Drove home to the OC and ate Arbys (do they have that in NY?)
  • 2-4pm: Hung out with my lil sis and bro, while he played online poker (he went to a casino last night and spent $300 and walked away with $3,800 playing poker. WTF?!?! Not fair.)
  • 4-6pm: Read some articles online, finally responded to a few emails, helped the family cook some BBQ (I was in charge of the beans, which I somehow managed to screw up).
  • 6-7pm: Ate BBQ with the fam (including the beans I somehow managed to screw up)
  • 8-9pm: Booked my plane ticket to New York using credit from an unused flight to Ft. Lauderdale for spring break. I still have $55 credit! Whoo hoo! Yay for plane credit and yay for moving to NY! It's for real now!
  • 9-whenever: I'll probably read (maybe) one of the 10 books I brought home and have been attempting for the last four days to read, waste some time staring at my ceiling, maybe do some of the things on my "To Do List", perhaps listen to some books on tape and then go to sleep and start my uneventful life over. I'll also have to listen to my little sister talk for five hours on the phone about her dramatic breakup with her boyfriend of 3 1/2 weeks. She's heartbroken apparently. Not to be insensitive, but ... (okay, maybe I'm just jealous she can hold a longer relationship than me. And no, weeks was not a mistype.).
There is a reason I keep myself ridiculously busy with work. I like it. I like to work. There. I admitted it. I think I've caught up on enough sleep to last me the next year. A four day vaca was enough. How will I honestly last four weeks??? On the bright side, I'll have a killer tan.