Monday, June 16, 2008


Tiger's win today may go down as his greatest victory yet.

They had to go to the 19th hole in sudden death, but why not have just done that yesterday like I suggested? I still like my add another hole like you add another inning theory (also known as sudden death apparently), because nobody was able to watch the match today anyways unless they were actually at Torrey Pines. What a waste of a good showdown! Sure, we all watched the Sports Center clips but where was the actual broadcasting of the match? I couldn't find it all morning!

(Editors update: Ok, so apparently they showed it on a cable channel Monday morning.)

Other things that makes no sense in the world of sports:

-Why is it that Olympic men's soccer is the only sport that has weird rules that basically guarantees the best players will not be competing (besides a few exceptions in the past like Ronaldo). They have to be under 23 but the team can have three guys who are older than 23. Why just a couple? I don't get it. Basketball doesn't do that. Women's soccer doesn't do that. Swimming doesn't do that. The under 23 rules has been in effect since 1992. Apparently some rule makers don't want the Olympics to interfere with the World Cup, but isn't the Olympics suppose to be the competition of all competitions? No wonder basketball athletes don't take the Olympics seriously.

-Why is it that in the NBA, the schedule is different for the Playoffs and the Finals? In the NBA, teams play 2-2-1-1-1 in the Playoffs but in the Finals they play 2-3-2. For example, in the best of seven series in the Playoffs, they'll play two games at home, then two games on the road, then a game a home, a game on the road and then a game at home (if the series goes that far). So why are the Finals are different? Why are the Finals two games at home, three games on the road and then two games at home (or visa-versa)? Why not just be consistent with the Playoffs and the Finals? I have yet to find an explanation to this inconsistency that makes sense. I get that traveling is a pain, but pick a way that works and stick to it! I don't have a strong opinion about which way I prefer, but I do believe that rules should be consistent throughout the Playoffs and the Finals. It's like the rule makers couldn't make a decision and this was the compromise. Stupid.