Sunday, June 15, 2008


Did you miss me? I missed the Fast Lane. I missed it like crazy. But I'm back. I was sitting at home watching the Lakers-Celtics game - yes, I am stuck at home and not at Staples Center - and I heard the announcer say an amazing quote after Doc Rivers took a timeout in the first quarter and I thought, "Oh my god, did anyone else just catch that? That is so going on the blog." And at that point, I ran upstairs, grabbed my computer and within minutes the blog was back.

Why did I take down this blog you ask? Oh, for many reasons. It would be too weird to not address things at all. "Tutu-gate" pretty much explains it; a term I've heard used. I won't say much more. I will say that it's pretty bizarre how much attention this little blog I started got. I mean, honestly, who would have thought? Perez Hilton, USA Today, US Weekly, the LA Times, Dead Spin, LA Observed ... crazy, right?

I'm not doing any huge announcement. I'm just back. I was going to start from scratch but I had all of my posts saved in cyber space and some of the stories were just too good to delete forever. Who knows how long I'll keep writing the blog. I just want my friends that enjoyed this before to enjoy it again. Lucky for me, stories have a very short shelf life. Two and a half weeks seems like more than enough time in a town where Lindsay Lohan shopping for groceries will make headlines. Laura Lane who?

You'll notice a few things different. A few blogs are missing from the archive, but I promise not too many.

Oh, and one more thing ...

I'm moving to New York.