Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Colin Cowherd is my hero. I'm obsessed with his morning radio show on ESPN 710. Sometimes I hope I'll hit traffic on my way to work just so I can have some more Colin time. This morning he went off about some listener who wrote him saying how L.A. fans are fake, they don't really care about the team and it isn't fair that real fans couldn't afford tickets to the series that instead go to celebrities, who couldn't care less about the team.

Colin basically said, "Dude, move out of L.A. if you don't like fake people. L.A. is a place full of pretenders. The number one business here is the movie business. It's people who dress up and pretend to be other people. If you don't like it, move." That was the gist of it. I love when Colin gets all fired up and is like, "There are so many other things to entertain people in Los Angeles. The fans will be sad but then later today they'll go get their Botox, have a conference call with Kevin Spacey, get dinner at the Ivy and forget all about the loss."

I'll have to agree on this one. It's a city that feeds off of award winners, box office hits and super stars today, D-listers tomorrow. Will I miss this about Los Angeles? Not. At. All.

But I wonder, is New York any better? I can only hope.