Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I just snagged the last new Coldplay CD Viva La Vida at Starbucks this morning. Yes, I pay for my music. There's been lots of controversy lately about their new CD and alleged plagiarism. People are up in arms about an interview where they said they're, "the world's worst—but most enthusiastic—plagiarists. We'll try and copy anyone." Then there's the You-tube video that has nearly 300,000 hits.

On Monday, I was listening to Star 98.7 here in L.A. Coldplay took over the radio station for Mix-tape Mondays and DJ'd for an hour or so, where they played their favorite music. They played a song -which frustrating enough I can't remember what it was - and said on the radio show that they took the riff from that song for a song on their new album. So basically from what I gather, Coldplay isn't shy about "borrowing" riffs and tunes from other bands they like and making them better. If anything, they're proud to talk about it. It also isn't the first time they've used another band's music. Either way, their CD rocks, it's getting rav reviews and if they did borrow music from the band Creaky Boards, they should give the band credit ... but the Coldplay song is better anyways.