Sunday, June 15, 2008


Smile for now, but pray for Tuesday.

Instead of playing Randy Newman's "I Love L.A." as they usually do after a win, they should have played "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees. The Lakers barely hung on to beat the Celtics 103-98 in Game 5 of the series, which Boston now leads 3-2. Before the Finals started I picked Lakers in 6. I'd like to scratch that and pick Celtics in 6. Not that I want them to win but I have a hard time believing the Lakers can win two games on the road. They have yet to play consistent for an entire game in the series, they aren't aggressive enough, they've blown huge leads in the last two games at home and now they're heading to Boston, one of the toughest stadiums to play in.

While I would rather be at the game, the good thing about being at home is that I get to watch the halftime reports, which included an emotional chat between Bill Walton and Luke Walton, who spent much of his childhood hanging around the Celtics and Larry Bird. During the talk Bill told Luke he wanted his son to win the Finals but was actually picking Boston to win. Harsh. But honest - just like a dad should be.

Also Stayin' Alive today was Tiger Woods at the U.S. Open. His performance was insane. Tiger has the same mental toughness as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. And while people get on Kobe for screaming at the refs and getting upset in a game, Tiger threw his golf clubs not once but twice on that last hole. But no one says anything because it's everyone's favorite guy, Tiger Woods. Athletes like Tiger and Kobe get frustrated because they care. When they stop throwing clubs or getting pissed off at a bad call, we should worry. It's like when Carlos Zambrano threw a tantrum in the dugout at Dodgers stadium last week and was hurling jugs of Gatorade around after he gave up a homerun and was taken out of the game. After the Cubs lost, Lou Piniella says, "I’d rather have a guy that gets upset than a guy who does it with a smile like he doesn’t care. So truthfully? No, I don’t have a problem with it."

Also, I think that instead of having Tiger and Rocco Mediate play an entire 18-hole round on Monday, they should just add another hole to the round today. It's like stopping after nine innings in baseball if the game is tied and saying, "Oh, we'll just play another game tomorrow." No! Just add another hole like you add another inning to a baseball game. Just my thoughts ... Happy Father's Day!