Tuesday, June 17, 2008


On Friday, the Dodgers will get their very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Following in the footsteps of Michael Jackson, the Olsen Twins, Bob Hope, Will Smith, Ricky Martin and countless other celebs who have bought - I mean earned - their star on Tinsel Town's infamous, tourist flooded street, Hollywood Blvd.

The Dodgers are the first sports organization to receive a star, which is a huge deal! Stars on the Walk of Fame are legendary. The Lakers don't have one. The Angeles don't have one (well, I still consider them the Anaheim Angeles anyways being from the OC and all). The Dodgers decided this would be a perfect way to celebrate their 50th Anniversary. I'm still curious to see what logo they'll get on their star since there's never been a sports team. There's the actor logo, the radio logo, the music logo, the directing logo ...

Does this mean we should expect other sports teams to follow? Perhaps. I'll be there at the ceremony on Friday along with manager Joe Torre, Vin Scully (who I just heard speak this weekend with John Wooden. I love them. Great guys) and Jaime Jarrin. Let's just hope they get a good spot on the Walk. Once you get too far East on Hollywood Blvd., you hit the clubs. And when you hit the clubs that means lots of drunk scenesters will be stepping (occasionally peeing) on your star at 3am. Show some respect to the legends.