Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Sash Vujacic and Ronnie Turiaf are looking around the league to get a feel for their worth.

Sasha - please, oh please, come to New York!

Knicks - please, oh please, make an offer!

On Monday the Lakers made one-year offers to Sasha and Ronny, but they can match what any other team offers the guys. Sasha's offer was for $2.6 million and Ronny's for $1 mil. Not too shabby considering Sasha made $1,700,00 in the last season and Ronny made $770,000.

I would be the happiest person ever to see Sasha in NYC. What a fabulous familiar face. The chances of this happening are probably slim to none, but it doesn't hurt to hope. Sasha seems happy hanging beachside in Manhattan (the Cali one). However, the Lakers have started looking into Brent Barry and James Posey, should the guys decide to go with another team.

Not sure if the Knicks are really in need of a Sasha-y character anyways, but perhaps his spunk would be a breathe of fresh air for the rigidly uptight New Yorkers. There's no denying my affection for that enthusiasm, energy, dedication and of course, the hair. Oh, the hair. Not exactly New Yorkish hair, but he'd definitely fit in better than say, uh Luke Walton.