Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Poor Sasha Vujacic. He is my favorite player on the team and his feelings are hurt. Sasha is that kid in middle school gym class who would stick around at the finish line to cheer on the lazy kids that would walk the mile - except he has long flowy hair and an accent. He's the nicest guy on the team, is always trying to boost everyone's moral, signals at the crowd to pump them up, checks on teammates when they're down ... and now he's down.

I sent Sasha his Lakers song and apparently he thinks the song is mean and not funny ... so Dameshek crew, what shall we think of this? Perhaps we could write him a happy song about his awesomeness? Or maybe just a montage of clips of him scoring? That would boost is feelings. Or would that not be fair to give him two songs? I mean technically speaking, Kobe got two songs if you count the Kobe's Finger song.

Anyways, I saw Sasha after the Lakers game Wed night and he brought up the song when he saw me:

SASHA: Hey! How are you?

ME: Good, how are you?

SASHA: That was a nasty song.

ME: What was nasty? Ohhh, the song I sent you.

SASHA: Yeah, I don’t like it. They were trying to be funny.

ME: It’s all in good fun, right?

SASHA: Ah, somethings they said is not very nice, right?

ME: Well no, but I don’t agree with all of them. I think it’s funny.

SASHA: It’s funny at some point and then it’s not very funny.

SOME OTHER DUDE: What song? A song about him? Send it to me!

SASHA: I don’t like it. You’re going to see that it’s not very good … It’s good, it’s good. I mean if they think like that –

ME: It was a joke.

SOME OTHER DUDE: What’s the mean part of it?

ME: I don’t know, they said they like his hair and –

SASHA: And that I was stealing money and stuff like that.

ME: Uh, I don’t remember that part.

SASHA: Listen to it carefully.

SOME OTHER DUDE: Is it on You-Tube?

ME: No.

SOME OTHER DUDE: It should be.

SASHA: No. It should not be.