Monday, July 21, 2008


It was pretty cool introducing Brothers and Sisters star Dave Annable to NFL star Reggie Bush. I mean, who am I to be making the introduction? But I knew them both so I made it happen.

I met Dave Annable at a Celebrity Scrabble event a few weeks ago where we talked about sports (I had read an interview where he said he wanted to date a girl who liked watching sports. So of course I asked him what that was all about). He's a super nice (and good looking) guy so when I saw him standing at Lucky Strike at Matt Leinart's celeb bowling event, I immediately went to say hi.

"I think I just won a Led Zepplin guitar in the silent auction!" he says giving me a hug and introducing me to his friend.

"That's awesome!" I say. "Stairway to Heaven was the first song I even learned the words to because my dad would just replay it in the car. Are you bowling?"

"No, I'm not sure," he says. "Maybe. Are you?"

"Of course." I say. "We have a lane right over there."

After a few more minutes of chatting and pointing out who all is at the event, Annable mentions that he's never met Reggie Bush.

"I'll introduce you," I say. "Come with me!"

He follows me over to Bush and Kim Kardashian's lane, who I had just finished chatting with (Kim swore she's a better bowler than Reggie and then quickly took it back).

"Reggie, this is my friend Dave."

They exchange hand shakes and quickly chat.

"Man, I owe you," says Annable after the meet and greet.

"No problem," I say. "Well I'm going to go bowl now but I'll see you guys around."

Little did I realize I would be leaving soon and wouldn't see Annable again and who knows when we'll cross paths next. Oh well ... he did say he owes me. Drinks, perhaps? Anyways ...

The athletes and celebs included Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, Kim Kardashian, Keith Rivers, Shaun Cody, Brody Jenner, Wilmer Valderama and a bunch others. Leinart hosted the bowling event for his charity, invited all of his rich celebs friends and I, along with a bunch of other media attended. Of course, I went to school with half of these guys at USC, so I was extra happy to get to hang with my fellow Trojans.

Afterwards I went with a bunch of the guys to Hollywood club Goa where I officially became the coolest older sister in the world when I managed to sneak my 18 year-old sister into the club using my I.D. It was the first event I'd ever brought her to (I'd feel super guilty if I left L.A. before bringing her to any cool celeb event). Earlier at bowling she apparently told another bowler that I'm too over-protective of her (it's true), so getting her in the club more than made up for that. My innocent and celeb-stricken sis was already in awe getting to bowl next to Brody Jenner and Reggie Bush so this pretty much topped things off.

(Bringing the lil' sis along for my H-wood fun and of course, showing the 'fight on!' sign for my Trojans.)

We danced for awhile and soon Greg Oden and Bridgette from the Girls Next Door showed up to join in the fun. Oh Hollywood! It was a random night of bowling, dancing with my former USC Trojan buds, taking the lil' sis along, and, of course, getting to chat again with the gorgeous Dave Annable.

Damn, why do I want to move to N.Y. again? With all these gorgeous, talented, nice and charming men ...

Good luck finding that girl who likes watching sports. I'll be in NYC ... watching sports.