Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Annual Dodger Media Game 2008

I finally got pictures from that amazing day where I got to play baseball at Dodger Stadium in the annual media game. I was one of only three girls who played (the other two were way better than me, I confess). If you'll notice, I am smiling the entire time.

Smiling when I'm standing at home plate. Smiling when I hit the ball. Smiling as I run.

Look at the grin on my face! Unfortunately we lost, but who really care?! If only we did this every week ...

Laura Lane up to bat and thinking: "Ok, elbow up, knees bent ... Let's hope the pitching coach doesn't throw a 95 mph fastball at me."

"And swing!" (still smiling)

EDITORS UPDATE: I've been told my swing sucks by many people. FYI guys, yes, I realize that. But thanks for the technical advice.

"What?! I hit the ball? Really??? Sweet ... Oh yeah - Run!"

"Ha! No big deal. That's how the pros do it. What can I say?"