Friday, July 18, 2008


I've been M.I.A. lately ... and I apologize profusely. However, it with good reason, which you'll read about here. My friends hate me because I can rarely hang out. And I have no clue what I would have done if I would have stayed working at E! until I left because I don't have time to breathe let alone have a day job. And now that I've said my apologies I will hopefully entertain you with some exciting info you can't find anywhere else.

To start, here are some awesome notes I took during the past four Dodgers games I was at. Oh, the little things I tend to notice.

Wednesday: Atlanta Braves v Dodgers

-People are still talking about the fan that ran out to the field and started break dancing the other day. Awesome. How did I miss that?!
-Dodgers win 2-1

Thursday: Florida Marlins vs. Dodgers

-One of the Marlins is making beer orders on the phone before the game. He orders Newcastle, Stella and says people don’t like Heineken … huh?
-Andre Either apparently has a cooking blog!?
-The Bachelor and Bachelorette (Deanna Pappas, and her fiance Jesse Csincsak) are here to throw out the first pitch and have a make out sesh before going out to the mound. Dan Uggla comes up to them and introduces himself to say what a huge fan he is of the show. Seriously?!
- I’m currently fascinated with the songs players choose for themselves when they come to the mound. Two of my fav’s: Jonathan Broxton’s got “Johnny B. Good” and Takaishi Saito’s “Bad to the Bone.”
-Russell Martin is sporting a new faux-hawk look. The joke is that when he changes his hair it’s good luck.
-Rafael Furcal has returned to the locker room from back surgery and lifts ups his Christian Audigier shirt to show off his scar to a couple teammates. He says he’ll be back in 6-8 weeks, maybe in September of this year.
-Joe Torre’s desk has no signs of his Yankee past. He has two snow globes on his desk with floating golf balls inside. He also had a Donald Trump figurine sitting at a desk that says “The Apprentice.”
-Dodgers lose 4-5

Friday: Florida Marlins vs. Dodgers

-Blake DeWitt gets rookie of the month
-Martin’s faux-hawk is gone. He’s shaved it off. What else could he possible do to his hair now? “Maybe I’ll add some lines on the side like Kanye,” Martin says. Perhaps he changed it just in time for the All-Star game.
-Hermida hits a homerun, and Ramirez and him bring the score to 2-0 just 4 minutes after the game started in the first.
-Another one! Cantu, third guy up hits a homerun! 3-0 with the first three guys up at bat. The 4th guys, Willingham, almost hit another one deep into center field but it's caught.
-Andruw Jones gets booed. Poor dude.
-Dodgers lose 1-3

Saturday: Florida Marlins vs. Dodgers

-I’m not there but the Dodgers lose 3-5

Sunday: Florida Marlins vs. Dodgers

-Takiashi Saito is reading a Japanese pitching coach’s memoir in Japanese before the game.
-Matt Kemp and Delwyn Young are talking about their beach plans in Manhattan during the All-Star break. Young says he’s getting floatees, and umbrella, Corona and a beach chair. Nice.
-In the other locker room, Hanley Ramirez is avoiding the media by playing a 1980 arcade game and putting headphones on and dancing in the locker room.
-The US Olympic women's Water polo team throws out first pitch. “Look at the shoulders on those girls!” says a reporter next to me.
-Joe Nelson’s nickname is Jellybean because he poured a thing of jellybeans in his car and whenever it starts it smells like jellybeans. I love it.
-Dodgers win 9-1. Seriously?! Did they save all their runs for Sunday or what?