Sunday, July 20, 2008


When I was covering the Red Sox this past weekend, I couldn't help but notice that a bunch of the players including Mike Timlin, Manny Ramirez, Clay Buchholz and few others were wearing these camoflauge necklaces around their necks. Now I knew it couldn't be for style so I asked relief pitcher Mike Timlin what the deal was with the necklaces.

"It’s that titanium thing," he explained, adding that they were handed out to the team. "It’s suppose to realign your energy or something like that."

Well, I looked into the necklaces and got some more info and found out that Buchholz and Josh Beckett are actually endorsers of the necklace along with a few other MLBers on other teams.


The Phiten Titanium Necklace is worn by athletes on a daily basis to relieve pain and stress. The strands of Phiten's revolutionary necklace are coated with Phiten's water soluble Aqua-Titanium. The Phiten necklace's core has micro sized Titanium spheres, as well as Carbonized Titanium; designed to stabilize the flow of electric current and increase your body's energy level. Showcases a clip fastener closure for easy on and off action. The Phiten Titanium 22'' necklace is ideal for sports lovers, enhancement of athletic abilities, fatigue reduction, relaxation and refreshment. Hand wash reccomended. 22-inch design. The Titanium Necklace from Phiten can also be worn on the wrist, ankle or waist to quickly relieve pain and stress. Now available in new Camouflage designs.

Available Colors: Black, Navy, Red, Dark Brown Camouflage, Moss Green Camouflage, Black/Gray Camouflage

What is Aqua Titanium? ''Aqua Titanium'' is the name used for titanium particles dissolved in water. It represents Phiten's successful effort to bond titanium molecules with water molecules, which had heretofore been considered infeasible, using a unique technology. Phiten's original technology causes titanium to dissolve in water (Aqua Titanium) and lets the titanium particles thus obtained permeate each fiber of the material fabric. Phiten products, made of these specially processed fabrics deliver the natural health-promoting properties of titanium to various parts of your body. Phiten necklaces have quickly become the choice of professional athletes everywhere and can be seen regularly on baseball players of all levels.

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