Saturday, July 19, 2008


(Photo editors note: real picture of me playing at Dodgers Stadium to come soon)

I played baseball at Dodgers stadium. Seriously.

I still don't really believe it. I stood at the plate, hit a ball, caught (ok, attempted to catch and completely mis-judged how far back to go) balls in center field. You see, the amazing people at the Dodgers organization throw a media game every year that I had the chance to play in it. Not everyone can play. One of my good friends was told he couldn't play because he hadn't followed the team long enough and for some reason I got to play with my esteemed fellow journalists.

It was pretty sick. I got some tips from a few of the players before hand. They said, "Don't fuck up." Nice. While I was warming up Hanley Ramierez walked by and I asked him if he wanted to join my team. He said no. Some of the other Marlins walking to the buss were a little more helpful in their advice, however.

I'd like to consider myself an okay all-around athlete ... but I take it all back. Despite, playing sports in high school, I hadn't played baseball since middle school. Some time between then and now my arm did the weirdest thing. It started throwing like a girl. You know that scene in "Rookie of the Year" where he is on the mound and all of the sudden he falls and his magic arm is gone and he can't throw anymore? That's how I felt. My hitting on the other hand wasn't so bad ...

I was so nervous about the game that I went to the batting cages the morning before to practice. All of my guy friends think I am the coolest chick in the world for going to the cages by myself but seriously, I think I might make it a regular thing now. I started out in the 60 mph baseball (baseball, not softball let me point out) cage, sucked, went down to 50 mph, sucked, went down to 40 mph, sucked, stuck it out and within 45 minutes I was hitting every ball that came my way. Granted it was 50 mph slower than the pros get, but give a girl some credit.

I had a good story to tell at the bar that night when I had my hands all taped up covering my blisters. It paid off though because I hit the ball both times up at bat in the game on the first pitch! Which was a baseball! Which was thrown by one of the pitching coaches for the Dodgers!!! AMAZING, right!?

Well, my team lost. Even the incredible Beto Duran, who had the first hit in the game couldn't secure our win. Oh well, there's always next year.