Tuesday, July 29, 2008


There was a significant earthquake in California about 10 minutes ago. It was a 5.8 magnitude located in Chino Hills according to the USGS Caltech Seismic Net (it's this awesome website that updates seismic activity in Cali every couple minutes). 

It was 29 miles from Los Angeles and could be felt down to Orange county and even San Diego. There's been no sizeable aftershocks so far (at least none that I've felt 29 miles away from the epicenter). 

Funny that this happened just a week before I moved to New York. Luckily nothing broke in my apartment. I went under the doorway like I'm supposed to. However, considering how old my building is, perhaps I should have ran outside like a few of my neighbors did. 

Must be my goodbye from California. 

UPDATE: It's been a half hour now and my phone is still haven't difficulty connecting calls and it refuses to send text messages. Damn you Sprint phone lines! ... On the bright side, god bless the internet. 

UPDATE 2: The earthquake has been revised down to a 5.4 from the initial 5.8. And more importantly, my phone is working.