Thursday, July 24, 2008


Getting stood up ... was probably the best thing that could have happened!

I mean, technically I wasn't completely stood up since the guy called, er, texted. The only reason I wanted to go out with him was because he drove a motorcycle, which I've never been on so it seemed somewhat rebelliously sexy to hop on the bike, hold on tight and ride through the streets of L.A.

We'd been running into each other a lot in the past month or so and the guy had been asking to get drinks with me for the last two weeks. We finally made plans a week ago, touched base the day before, touch base that day and then he TEXTS me an hour and a half before we're supposed to go out and says, "Hey baby, might have to postpone ... crap."

What?! Uhhhggg. Men! My text response? "No worries."

I wouldn't be so annoyed except for the fact that I had sold my car that day and was frantically trying to figure out which family member's car I could borrow to get back up to L.A. Once I finally piled all my stuff in the borrowed car, turned the ignition on and was about to leave the OC, I get the text. Uhhhgggg!

This is called dating Karma.

I'm moving in 2 weeks and shouldn't have even been going on a date anyways. I should just be spending time with family and friends ... but it would have been hot to go on a motorcycle.

Well, after the date cancellation text, I immediately called by bestie, apologized for ever choosing to hang out with a guy over her, and then drove to her house to meet up with her and my other friend.

We had heard rumors of some event held late Wednesday night in the summer at the Griffith Park golf course, where there's a bartender, DJ, BBQ, free driving range, the movie Caddyshack projected on the clubhouse wall and a costume contest for the person dressed in the best golf gear. It was apparently started by actor Jason Biggs.

We were on a mission for some random fun so we set out to find this incredible secret extravaganza. After an hour of getting lost in the Griffith Park hills, which made for many laughs as we tried to follow the directions we found on some blog, we made it.

And sure enough, there was a full bar, a hundred or so young folks lounging around the clubhouse, the movie Caddyshack silently playing in the background and dozens of golfers hitting balls off the driving range with a Stella Artois next to their basket.

I grabbed five balls off the ground and borrowed a fellow golfer's club in attempt to try my luck at the driving range. Turns out, hitting that tiny, white, dimpled ball is just as hard as throwing darts (another "sport" I'm pretty awful at - stand far away if you see me try ... ping pong on the other hand, I own).

Oh yeah, high-heels and all.

After an hour of golf course menacing, we decided to continue our night of randomness by heading to Luck Strike bowling alley. I had bowled there last week, but I didn't even finish a game and I let random party goers bowl for me half the time, so I must not have realized the secret bowling skills I had kept even from myself. I'm like, really good! Who would have thought?

Lucky Strike is my new favorite place. They always play ESPN on the big screens, the people there are always nice, you get to bowl, have a cocktail and you always end up meeting random fun people.

We were bowling next to two scensters - the girl had on overall shorts, tiny boots, a long feathered earring in the right ear, a hoop earring in the left and her hair pulled back in a long faux-hawk. The guy had Kanye sunglasses, tight pants, a neon shirt and rings on both hands that when across four of his fingers. He said he was a rapper. Every time one person would get a strike the other person would run out on the lane and have to break dance. It made for quite an entertaining spectacle watching the "rapper" spin on his head in between turns.

In the end, I beat both of my friends bowling, scoring 114 in the second game, which might not be pro-status, but for a girl who hasn't truly played in years, I was pretty impressed with myself.

While I might sound a bit competitive, I'm also the best cheerleader when one of my friends gets a strike or a spare. Our celebration included me running out to greet them on the lane, giving a high-five and then the two of us doing a brief swing dance and celebratory spin.

Let's just say the night beat any date I could have ever gone on. Golf and bowling is greater than a date and a motorcycle ride any day.