Friday, May 9, 2008


Before I explain, here's the highlights: We met Jay Leno, had front row seats at the Tonight Show and I ended up on stage for a contest.

My best friend Katie has some friends visiting from Boston and one of the girls hooked us up with backstage tix! How did someone from Boston hook two L.A. girls up with tickets? (I even interned in the sports department at NBC studios and I couldn't get hooked up). Well, some guy she met waiting tables in Boston is a producer here and told her anytime she comes to L.A. he'd hook her up at the Tonight Show. How random is the world? We were in the very front row, we go to meet Jay Leno (who I've actually interviewed before but it's way cooler to meet him at his show) and they asked us to go on stage to snap a picture with him and they gave us the Polaroid!

Before the show started they asked the audience if anyone had any talents to come up on stage to win a prize. I of course, have no talents - but I ran up on stage anyways. There were three other people doing 'talents.' I actually got kinda nervous (probably cause I didn't have a real talent). The first person told a lame joke and then it was my turn. My talent? "Hi, I'm Laura Lane from Orange County. I'm uh, double jointed. I can flip my arms behind me so if I was ever handcuffed I could flip my arms around to the front." I did my little trick and to my surprise the entire audience gasped and cheered me on - so I won a football! "Your boyfriend must like that," producer John Melendez said.

The guests were Harrison Ford, some guy from the Narnia movie and Carly Simon. Harrison Ford was awesome, but he's known in Hollywood as a huge stoner so it made all of us laugh even harder watching him, because he was totally stoned. As for Carly Simon, she reminded me of a crazy lady playing music in the subway.

After the show we were interviewed by some woman named Glozell for her You-Tube blog. (Here we are in the above pic with Glozell. I'm in purple on the right of Glozell. How fun is it to say the name Glozell by the way?) I just went on her site and she titled our video "Big Breast and Friends." Nice. In the video we talk about our Tonight Show experience - AND you get to see me do my crazy arm thing!