Saturday, May 3, 2008


“This guy or this girl they’re everything. All their friends love them. They got to be quarterback at school or prom queen – whatever it is that you have here. And they grow up and they’re here at work and they have all their friends. Everyone loves them. They’re the perfect person. They’re the guy or the girl that everyone wants to be growing up. You get the drift. Don’t tell me you haven’t had someone like that at school. In any case, so this guy he goes for a walk one day and for some unknown reason he looks for his raincoat lying on the sofa and he can’t decide whether or not he should take. He decides not to take it but he goes for a walk. And it’s a beautiful green field and all of the sudden there’s this big flash storm. You know, like a huge thunder storm and it lasts about a minute and a half and when the storm clears he starts to remember that he thought he was the ‘it’ person. And he starts to remember these dreams that he has one night; these reoccurring dreams and then he forgets them in the morning as kind of a defense mechanism. You know what I’m saying? But it’s almost as if the storm came and it kind of washed away – it was like a catalyst to wash away all of the stuff that would limit his life. And he realizes that although he has everything, the one thing that he really needs in life still moves him. And so this next song that I’ll play you is about that moment. If you know the words join in and if you don’t know the words then sing with me. And we’ll get through it, okay?”

-Seal to the crowd before singing Love’s Divine at a concert in Hollywood.

... Do you understand what he was talking about?

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