Tuesday, May 13, 2008


The band Carolina Liar is addicting, catchy, fresh and just plain fun. You’ve probably heard their song I’m Not Over even if you’ve never heard the band’s name. It’s one of those songs that you’ll be singing along to by the second chorus the first time you hear it. Every band has a different “big break” story and in the case of Carolina Liar, their big break was a little show called The Hills. The band’s had multiple songs on the show, and lead singer Chad Wolf told me he thinks the show did more than just give them air play.

“Our album got released earlier by two weeks because of the show. I mean nobody’s said that yet but I know that had to be what happened. Overnight we started getting just an insane amount of attention on Myspace and then we started getting radio play in places I don’t think we ever would have gotten without the show. I mean it’s a great, great thing for something like that to happen; to actually get that kind of opportunity seems to be pretty rare. Being a completely unknown band on a show this big is like, come on! It’s a blessing.”
-Chad Wolf, lead singer of Carolina Liar