Monday, May 12, 2008


Dodgers first baseman James Loney made it to the final three tables, but was knocked out after going all-in with pocket two's. "I thought it was time to get up and stretch anyways," he says, walking over to meet catcher Gary Bennett who's also out. Pitcher Scott Proctor is sitting at the table next to them, still in the game.

"Where's your credit card so I can play with your money?" Bennett asks Loney.

Loney, Bennett and Proctor have come on their day off to the Ante Up for Africa charity tournament at the San Manuel Casino. The tourney, hosted by Don Cheadle and WSOP champion Annie Duke, aims to raise money for Darfur. Other "celebs" in the house include Sex in the City actor Willie Garson, Sister Sister actress Tia Mowry, Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian and a few pro-poker players, but the Dodgers are getting most of the attention from the L.A. crowd.

A few minutes later, Proctor is gone, too, a victim of a 7-8 un-suited hand.

"I told you I'd beat both of you guys!" Proctor proudly says. "I just played slow."

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