Sunday, May 18, 2008


We're just one more round from this showdown. The match-up we all want to see: Pierce vs. Kobe.

Today I watched the Celtics 97-92 win over the LeBron team in the Chicago airport today. I was sitting next to some older Mavs fan from Texas at a sports bar, who said he thinks Mark Cuban is about to blow-up the Mavs after their disappointing playoff performance. Not sure what he meant by 'blow-up.' Perhaps he means 'destroy', as in fire the coach, piss of your fans, lose your best players, yell some more ... personally, I'm a huge Mark Cuban fan. "Well, he's a character," I replied.

LeBron really tried to pull through in the end today. "That's a super-star trying to save his team," said my Texas friend. "But I guess you see Kobe do they every night now, don't you?" Yes I do.

In the end, LeBron couldn't carry the team on his own. The Celtics did have home court advantage, which they've been proud to state over and over that they've "earned." I also believe that in order to "earn" the title of Champion, you need to be able to win on the road. I read an interesting fact today - the Celtics could theoretically win the NBA Championship without ever winning a road game thanks to their 66-16 regular season record. The chance of this happening isn't likely, but it wouldn't be too surprising seeing as how hard it's been to win on the road this year. Only the Lakers and Detroit could do it in the 2nd round.

I'll be at the Lakers game Wednesday ... they'll either be playing the Spurs or the Hornets. I'd prefer the Spurs. Honestly, it's just better for TV with Tony Parker, Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili.

Plus, Eva Longoria will be there. That will make for many happy guys at the game.