Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Sometimes athletes say things they really shouldn't. But that is what's great about America. The freedom of speech. The difference of opinions sparks public debate through participation in the marketplace of information and ideas. Athletes can say and feel however they want whether people agree or disagree. It's the beauty of American democracy. And I proudly support it and have faith in the power of reason. So guys, I'm all ears ...

The Democratic Presidential race remains incredibly tight. While Obama claimed victory in North Carolina, Hillary Clinton narrowly took Indiana. 187 delegates were at stake in today's primary. I double majored at USC in political science and journalism so politics has always been a passion. I've probably spoken with 50 or so athletes. Some answers made me laugh. I've gotten some intelligent answers and some not so intelligent answers. I've had guys tell me they've never voted and guys tell me they're going to help campaign ...

And then I've gotten the shocker answers.

"You’ve got two main candidates. Clearly not Hillary because if she gets voted as President I’ll fucking kill myself and, or move to Europe. Because she’s crap and she’s a girl! True or not true, are girls more emotional than men? A girl can not run the country! She started balling when some dude went off on her the other day. I can’t handle that. I’m a Republican but I wouldn’t mind Barack Obama’s not to shabby. Condoleeza Rice has the highest position I think a woman should have. She’s actually really like brilliant and she gets to stay kind of behind the scenes."
-Brian Anderson, Chicago White Sox

"I never really got caught up in it. I know there’s Bin Laden and Clinton."
-Toby Hall, Chicago White Sox

"I don’t want a woman to be the President, no offense, but I mean think about it. Are you supportive of a woman being President? (Me: "I'm going to agree to disagree.") You have to be because you’re a woman. No women Presidents. Just not while I’m alive. I don’t like the Republican selection. If Giuliani was there I would vote for him but I don’t think he’s going to be around. I just can’t be a Democrat because I’m against abortion so I have to support the Republican Party."
-Chris Kaman, Los Angeles Clippers

"I can’t really comment on that because a lot of females will have issues with my views and stuff. It’s basically, if Hillary’s in then it’s basically Bill again. I like Bill so I’m kinda conflicted within myself, you know? Cause I don’t necessarily think – I don’t know if a woman would be the best President. But I like Bill and Bill is basically gonna be the President again if she wins so you know it’s just a little thing to think about."
-Kris Humphries, Toronto Raptors

"I figure we’re either going to have a woman or we’re going to have a Muslim black guy in the office. (Me: "Barack's not Muslim though") Isn’t he Muslim? How many people told me he was Muslim!"
-Channing Frye, Portland Trail Blazers

"Honestly I believe in Hillary because of the great job I think Bill did and you know he’s going to be in her ear a lot, obviously."
-Allen Iverson, Denver Nuggets

"I think the black guy's going to win."
-Kenny Thomas, Sacramento Kings

These are just funny:

"I feel like any one of them could run the country. I mean they’re way smarter than I am."
-Jeff Salazar, Arizona D’backs

"I haven’t been watching it too much but I did see John McCain on Jay Leno."
-Paul Davis, Los Angeles Clippers