Sunday, May 25, 2008


Christian Siriano is my hero. He is just as hilarious in person as he was on Project Runway. Not only are his designs incredible but he also has a huge celebrity following that includes everyone from Victoria Beckham to Whoppi Goldberg, who he dressing at the Tony awards. I met up with him at a Declare Yourself event and asked him how he would dress the political candidates and first ladies. His answers are legend:

Hillary Clinton

"I’ll tell you that Hillary needs a new wardrobe. I just think that Hillary should be a little more fashion forward and be more casual. A boring business suit every day? I know it’s great for Washington but appeal to like the fabulous people like me! Like wear some pumps from Louboutin; wear a fabulous jacket and a feathered something."

Barack Obama

"I want him to be in like a motorcycle bomber jacket and like patent leather suit and like crazy really cool jeans with zippers on them. Something crazy."

John McCain

"That’s a serious situation. Maybe I think his suit just needs to go from like boring businessy suit to like a cool suit like Burberry. More tailored. It’s a little frumpy frump."

Cindy McCain

"I think she knew she was going to be really in the spotlight so she went really crazy and turned tranny and I think she needs to tone it down."

Michelle Obama

"Oh my god but I think it’s kind of fabulous (looking like Jackie O). She’s being very Washington DC and I’m from Maryland so I kind of love that. She just needs a pair of boat shoes."